What is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and why should you watch it?

Wtf is that show?

If you watched the Emmys this week, you heard The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel mentioned about a million times, 8 of which when it was winning awards (read: SWEEPING). If you’re not an Amazon Prime Video member, or you haven’t taken the time to explore your Prime Video options, you may be wondering wtf this show is.

In a nutshell, without any real spoilers, it’s about a woman, Miriam “Midge” Maisel (played by Rachel Brosnahan), who gets left by her husband and then accidentally falls into the world of stand-up comedy by going on a drunken anger-rant in a comedy club. This show follows her as she finds her way on her own, and finds her voice as an aspiring comic (and independent woman). Here’s a sneak peek:

But WHAT makes it so great, exactly? Well I’m here to tell you EXACTLY what makes it so great, because we on the UNiDAYS Content team spend A LOT of time talking about it and obsessing over it. So, with season 2 coming out soon (date TBD), now’s the perfect time to dive in!

1. It’s funny AF

The show is literally ABOUT comedy, so it’s pretty dang funny. Midge’s husband tries (and fails) to be a stand-up comic, even though Midge is ACTUALLY the funny one in the relationship. It’s no surprise that by the end of season 1, episode 1, we’re all convinced she’s been a stand-up comedian for years. She’s sarcastic, quick-witted, and bold, and has had me in TEARS from laughing. Rachel Brosnahan should seriously do stand-up herself. Plus, the show teaches you a lot about some of the earlier comics!

2. It features a mix of well-known and less-known actors (all incredible)

Some older Gen Z-ers might recognize Alex Borstein as Ms. Ungermeyer from Lizzie McGuire...and EVERYONE should recognize the wonderful Jane Lynch. But some of the lesser-known actors, like Rachel Brosnahan, totally steal the show. WHOLE NEW GENERATION OF STANS.


Ok I love a good pair of modern leggings, but the gorgeous dresses they get to wear make me SO jealous that I didn’t live in the 1950s. They all look so elegant and dapper all the time, with their hair perfectly styled, and a coat to match every dress. I DIE over the costumes in this show.

4. It transports you to 1958 NYC

I don’t know if anyone else out there has quite the affinity for 1950s/60s NYC that I do (think Mad Men, but somehow classier)...but if you do, and you feel like being GENUINELY transported back in time, this is the show for you. Being a jaded New Yorker, it made me really appreciate things I usually ignore, like artistic old buildings. And yes, they film on location in NYC...and I may or may not have gone to watch them film once. I’m not weird, OK?

5. Midge Maisel will be your new role model

This woman’s husband leaves her with two young children and instead of falling apart, she puts on her lipstick and GETS ON WITH HER LIFE. So often we see shows that depict women as helpless, and any other writer would have made the show into a pity party. But not this show. Midge makes friends with a badass (Alex Borstein’s character) who whips her into shape and keeps her focused on her goals instead of focusing on the past. And, without giving away any spoilers, you’ll see just how strong Midge is over the course of season 1.

6. …..and so will Rachel Brosnahan

If you watched the Emmys this week, you may have seen Rachel’s acceptance speech for winning “Outstanding Actress in a Comedy” in which she highlights that the show is about a woman finding her voice, which is something people all over the country are currently experiencing, and that our voices should be put to use through voting! We love an inspirational queeeeen!

7. It won 8 EMMYS!!!

It won the Outstanding Comedy Series award, several acting awards, as well as awards for writing, directing, casting, and editing. So, in short, it ticks every box. It won Creative Arts Emmys as well as “regular Emmys,” (?) several right in a row. And the cast and crew were SO THANKFUL every time!!!

8. It was written by a woman!

But not just any woman….Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls! Shouldn’t that be enough to convince you?? Brilliant, witty humor and lovable, badass characters...kind of like Gilmore Girls with more beautiful costumes and a little bit less coffee. Make sense…??

9. (Spoiler alert...kinda) Zachary Levi will be in season 2!

I KNOW. AMAZING, RIGHT? There are very few details on his character, or what his character is going to do (who knows if we even LIKE his character??), but I’m extremely excited to find out. And to see his face. And HOPEFULLY SING (that’s literally just a wild guess/pipe dream of mine that was formed on NO real basis and from NO evidence so DON’T SUE ME IF HE DOESN’T).

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