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Hey, I’m Adam. I’ve been managing partnerships at UNiDAYS for over a year now. I’ve lived right in-between the era of VCR’s and VR. You could say I’m a guy who’s used some tech. Here are some awesome products that offer meaningful discounts to satisfy your miscellany of gadgets.

1. GoPro Hero 7 Black – Camera

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This one is a no-brainer right off the bat. It’s not your everyday purchase at $399 (+a student discount) but with a phenomenal discount it’s a gadget you’ll get the biggest bang out of your buck for. I’ve used my GoPro for everything from snowboarding (with the 3-Way) to the camera strapped to my friend’s golden retriever (with the Fetch Dog Harness) to POV’s of a party sharing a handle of a certain drink (with the hand + wrist strap). Creativity is everything in college and this gadget will widen your horizon to some serious fun.

2. Ultimate Ears – MEGABOOM 3

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If you’re looking for high fidelity in your place or on a weekend excursion, this is the speaker for you. Fully waterproof + dust and drop proof. This speaker can handle the most extreme situations without compromising sound quality. I’ve used it while cooking, pregaming and while photographing in the harsh waters of Drake Passage. You’re probably asking yourself, “Adam, what about the battery life, man?” 20 hours baby. According to their website they use the “latest battery cell technology powering high performance electric cars.” Idk what that means but it’s basically the Tesla of the speaker world. There’re other options in their speaker lineup but go big or go boom.

3.JayBird Tarah Pro - Bluetooth Headphones

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I don’t go anywhere without my Tarah Pros. And, same deal here….it's a huge steal. The reason I love these headphones is the battery life. 14 hours! I usually charge every 2-3 days depending on my usage, so I’m never left without my music or podcasts. Another awesome feature is the in-app experience. You can adjust your sound output or, to make it easy, find a style that other owners have created themselves. I LOVE that they’re waterproof. This feature is great for those who are active or want to get in their morning pump up music in the shower without waking their roomy. Lastly, I almost never take them off. There’s a clip on the back with both headphones connecting magnetically in the front. Pretty cool look for a college student or a swaggy 30-year-old like myself.

4. Garmin vivoactive 3 - Smart Watch

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This discount is so big I won’t even mention it…you’ll have to see for yourself. Now that you have your headphones you can actually disconnect from your phone during your workout as the watch holds up to 500 songs with Bluetooth connectivity. One could almost say they go…hand-in-hand (hand-to-ear???). There are 15 preloaded sports apps that you can connect to track workouts. If you’re still on the “counting steps” phase, then that works too. Similarly to the headphones, the battery life on this bad girl lasts SEVEN DAYS. C’mon now…I’ve used other famous smart watch makers and found myself charging every night.

5. Logitech – G903 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Call me old fashioned but who doesn’t like a good mouse? Sure, it’s bit extra to pull out a wireless mouse during your 7:30am History of Dinosaurs course at U Dub (shoutout Jessie B) or on a plane, but there’s more to it. Granted I’m not the biggest gamer, I’ve used this mouse while getting smoked in Fortnite. Did I see huge progress in my play? Maybe. But I felt like I played better with a variety 11 different buttons to allow me to actually use two hands while playing. It’s strong, it’s ambidextrous, it travels well, it’s everything I look for in a woman. Sorry, a mouse.

If you’ve read this far you’ve probably picked up that I cherish battery life. 32 hours on a single charge…let's go!

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