Let's go to the Beach: The ultimate spring break packing list

Spring breaking free

When it comes to Spring Break, you have to be a good packer. No one wants to be THAT person on the trip. You know, the one that causes everyone to either A) be very, very late for check in or B) stop at every store the destination has to offer so that they can "pick up the things they forgot".

In order to avoid being this person (and to save you some time because well... procrastination), here is the ULTIMATE Spring Break packing list.

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1. Carryon luggage

If you're going to try to go on a trip without a bag... why are you even going on a trip? The first thing you need to prepare for Spring Break is a backpack or suitcase. A pro tip to saving money while traveling is to not check any bags if you’re flying. After all, when you’re going to the beach, you don’t need to bring that much clothing! Getting a good hard-shell suitcase like these stunners from Genius Pack is a great idea because they’ll last you for YEARS, and they’re nice and light.

2. To brush up on your Spanish

So, maybe you're not headed to Cancun, Punta Cana or Cuba, but no matter where you're going, you should brush up on the language (I wonder if Rosetta Stone makes a box set on how to speak "Florida"). It's probably important to know how to order drinks, but just as important to be able to ask for directions. You don't want to miss your plane/bus/train home, regardless how nice the vacation is.

3. A good towel

Sand isn't a good look on anyone... okay maybe Kim K gets a pass but for the rest of us, sand can spell disaster. Avoid a sandy situation when you lay out by going for a nice, soft beach towel. Keep your Spring Break aesthetic in mind when it comes to making your towel selection, though. These from H&M will perfectly reflect just how fabulous your break really was.

4. A phone with a decent camera

Um, hello. How can your friends see what a great time you're having if you DON'T have a phone with a decent camera? Like they say, if you didn't take pictures on Spring Break... did you even go? Samsung has you covered with the Galaxy Note9 (as well as their many, many other smartphones and tablets).

5. Sunscreen

If you get sunburned, it's your own fault. There, it's been said. It absolutely doesn't matter if you're going skiing, snorkeling, or just chilling in your backyard... sunscreen is STILL important. If you’re not great at remembering sunscreen, try incorporating it into your daily routine. Using moisturizers with SPF in them, like Clinique Smart are a great way to get your sunscreen on without even thinking about it.

6. To stay hydrated

Even when you're NOT on Spring Break, it's important to stay hydrated. Water keeps your skin looking healthy and your body from feeling like it's dying. For every margarita you down, down a glass or water. Better yet, why not get a CUTE water bottle like these ones from Typo. Once vacation is over, you can take the bottle to class OR out for a run. Really you can take it anywhere.

7. Shades

Sunscreen is important for your skin and shades are important for your eyes. If you spend the whole time looking at the sun, you may f*ck up your eyes beyond repair. While a pair of shades from the drug store may be fine and dandy, if you want to look good then why not get some sunglasses that'll never go out of style? Enter Ray-Ban. From wayfarers to aviators, they've got everything you want and more.

8. Things to do on the plane/in the car/on the bus

Depending upon what method of travel you choose, you're going to need something to do. Logitech has accessories that can take your phone or tablet to the next level. If digital entertainment causes nausea, why not pack a good book or finally catch up on you magazine subscriptions? If you REALLY want to go the extra mile, invest in some travel-sized board games.

9. A notebook to capture it all

Maybe you're not the best photographer in the world, perhaps you're more writing- or even drawing- based. If that's the case, you're going to want to remember this trip for years to come. Moleskine has the quality notebooks you need. And by quality, I mean they won't completely fall apart as you move from dorm to apartment to house to etc. Plus they have hella options for whatever type of creative outlet you’re looking for.

10. A sense of adventure

Don't be a stick in the mud! You know what I'm talking about! The person that spends their whole time in a hotel rather than actually experiencing the city you're in. Even if you're stuck at home for the break, you can still have a sense of adventure. Why not book a staycation with Hotels.com or check to see if there's a Go City Card available for your hometown.

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