What to pack if you're vacationing in a city

The beach is overrated

It’s that lovely time of the year when, all around the country, all major cities will be bombarded with college students on Spring Break. Make sure that if you are one of these students, you have all the supplies necessary beforehand.

1. A crossbody bag

If you get anything for your trip, this may be the most important thing to get. Make sure to grab a functional, but a still cute, bag to keep all your necessities safe. We love this one from UGG, which would match anything you wear, and will last you for yeeears. An image Img source

2. A comfy pair of sneakers

Make sure you have the proper footwear for your trip. You don’t want to be left behind because your feet can’t keep up. Grab a pair of comfy and cute sneakers, like these beauties from Puma that will go with any outfit you pack. An image Img source

3. A comfy bra

Don’t let your underwire make your life a waking nightmare. Grab a bralette from Aerie and stay comfy and supported all day. It helps that they are all so cute, so they can even become a part of your look if you want them to! An image Img source

4. Sunglasses

Block out the sun well you stroll through the city with a classy pair of Ray-Bans. You can also block out all the haters who are jealous that you are on an awesome trip and they aren’t. An image Img source

5. A cute dress

Get a dress that you can go from day to night. Not only will you look great all day but, it’s fewer clothes you have to pack! This Lulu's dress is perfect for a warm city excursion. An image Img source

6. Contacts

Make sure that if you wear contacts, you bring extra. Don’t want to be stuck on vacation in a beautiful city, unable to see anything (or with super dry eyes). 1-800 Contacts has your back on this one. An image Img source

7. Portable Charger

You don’t want your phone to die while you're out exploring with friends. Make sure to bring a portable charger (Heyyyy Samsung)so you don’t miss any Instagrammable moment! An image Img source

8. Sun Hat

A bad sunburn could ruin a trip in an instant. Make sure to protect your skin not only with sunblock, but a super cute sunhat like this one from Aerie. It will keep you shaded, not shady.

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