Justin Bieber CAN eat burritos (and other news)

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  • Trump is trying to use an Executive Order to end birthright citizenship, which would directly violate the 14th Amendment. Here’s why he can’t really do that.
  • When asked about Trump’s plan to end birthright citizenship, House Speaker Paul Ryan said “you obviously cannot do that.” Trump then came for him.
  • A lawsuit against Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos accuses her and her administration of using sexism to make policy decisions such as the elimination of Title IX standards for how sexual assault cases on college campuses should be handled.
  • Democrats and (some) Republicans alike are finding one of Trump’s recent campaign ads as being racially charged and using fear-mongering.
  • Brazil has a new president, and he’s divisive, polarizing, and offensive. Here are some of the upsetting things he’s said.
  • Concerns of voter suppression are popping up nationwide ahead of next week’s midterm elections. This is why we need to show up to the polls.

Pop culture

  • Here are the best celebrity Halloween costumes from this week.
  • Kim Kardashian is facing backlash for calling people the R-word when they didn’t recognize who she was dressed as on Halloween.
  • A tribute concert for Mac Miller was held on Wednesday. Performers included Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott, John Mayer, and SZA.
  • The Nicki Minaj and Cardi B saga continued with Cardi B posting a series of since-deleted videos on her Instagram aimed at Nicki. Here’s a timeline of this whole thing.
  • Justin Bieber finally cut his hair. Also, that wasn’t him in the burrito picture.


  • The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect is pleading not guilty to all 44 counts against him.
  • Harvey Weinstein is facing new allegations that he sexually assaulted a 16-year-old while threatening her chances of becoming an actor.
  • Over 1,000 employees of Google have staged brief walkouts to protest sexism, racism, and harassment, among other things.
  • New details are emerging about the death of Whitey Bulger, an infamous Boston mob boss who was beaten to death in a high-security penitentiary this week.
  • New York City police are investigating vthe deaths of two sisters who were found in the Hudson river bound together with duct tape.
  • A plane crash in Indonesia left no survivors after the plane plummeted into the Java Sea.

Science says...

  • It was reported that a study determined that male rats can get cancer from heavy doses of cell phone radio waves. Here’s why you shouldn’t be nervous just yet.
  • Newark, NJ has admitted that its tap water contains high amounts of lead, and has agreed to provide water filters.
  • The FDA has approved a cannabis-based drug for treatment of two types of epileptic syndromes.
  • Climate change may be causing a rise in mosquito and tick-borne diseases.
  • A new study shows that marijuana inhibits cognition in young people. One week without it can increase their neurocognitive functioning.

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