How to get ready for class in 30 minutes or less

1. Shower at night.

Some people (me) need to shower in the morning in order to wake up, but you'll definitely save yourself precious moments in the morning by showering at night. Take a timeout from life and try taking a bath! We're kind of obsessed with this REN Skincare bath oil at the moment with calming sage, rosemary & geranium scents that'll lull you right to sleep.

2. Take care of your skin.

Drink plenty of water, get tons of sleep, and find a skin regiment that works for your skin. You can go makeup-less when your skin glows. While we are super into everything RENhas to offer, we're increasingly impressed by Urban Outfitters' range of beauty products featuring cult favorites like Milk and Pixi.

3. Get organized!

Not only will you save yourself a lot of time in the mornings looking for things you can't find, you'll feel a lot better when you're in your space if everything has a home. Getting organized doesn't have to be boring! Everything found at Typo has big personality, and they're boosting their discount to 30% right now.

4. Have your coffee prepped.

Lay out your coffee and mug the night before so all you have to do is press a button. Then you can savor a few moments with your coffee in some comfy slippers like these uber-comfy UGG beauts.

5. Build a wardrobe of basics.

We're a big fan of brands like Cotton On that specialize in quality wardrobe staples. You can easily turn the same t-shirt into a thousand different outfits and it takes the guess work out of finding something when you're still half asleep.

6. Lay out your clothes the night before.

Sorry to sound like your Mom, but this is a super time saver in the morning. We're probably not always going to be dressing in theme a la this ModCloth gem, but we do appreciate their always-on student discount!

7. Keep your brows & hair groomed!

These days, a great set of brows changes everything. We've tried about a thousand different brow solutions over the past year and we're really in love with Sigma Beauty's brow pencils and brow wax. And at 15% off, you might as well try both! When it comes to hair? There's no bed head so bad that it can't be slicked into a low, chic bun.

8. Pack your bag the night before.

The worst thing that can happen to you in the morning is not being able to find your wallet/notebook/textbook and forgetting something important. We're loving this Moleskine bag, with a special place for everything you're planning to take with you to campus. You're running out of time to save 20%!

9. If you don't have time for makeup...

On days when you don't have enough time to apply makeup, try a bold lip. It'll distract from your bare face and add instant pizazz to any outfit. Our fave, Lime Crime, has the biggest and best range of lip colors and they last ALL day. Best part? UNiDAYS students save 20% on all of their products!

10. Eat a breakfast on the go!

A smoothie, a granola bar, a hard boiled egg? Just make sure you have it all ready to go in the morning. Pump up your protein intake and add some protein powder to your shakes! Save 15% at Protein World with your student discount!

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