10 tips to get back into studying

It’s that time of year again already, you’re back to school after a long break and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. To give you guys a helping hand and to ease you back into the daily grind we've got 10 top study tips to help you work hard and play harder!

1. Be positive

Set yourself long-term goals, and then break down those big goals into smaller goals and you'll find them way easier to achieve that way. For example if the long-term goal is to pass a particular exam, work out how you'll get there. You'll have to make sure you have all your notes (one goal) and then you'll have to take each section bit by bit. Bite-size chunks is the key!

2. Get organized

Trust us, you’ll thank us (and yourself) later! Firstly, write down all your due dates so you can plan your time. A great way of doing this is with a calendar – but FYI just writing them down and never looking at them again doesn’t count. So get creative and put a calendar up on your wall/desk, that way you’ll be sure to see them!

3. Find a study buddy

This can make studying way more fun, motivating & productive! Both of you try focusing on a topic and teaching each other – it’s not only a great way to see what you know but y’all can help each other out!

4. Be colourful

Post-It Notes, highlighters, Sharpies etc - they’re literally lifesavers as you can section off notes and colors can make them easier to re-read.

5. Drink water!

It’s that simple?! Not quite, but staying hydrated helps you to really focus, concentrate and stay refreshed & alert! So take a bottle into class with you, or two.

6. Hit up the library

Books can be pretty expensive on a college budget so don’t forget to check out the library too as it'll probably have everything on your reading list anyway.

7. Use your phone

Try recording your classes as well as taking notes, that way you’ll never miss a thing. There’s also a bunch of great apps you can download on your phone to help keep you organized and focused.

8. Ask your professors

Yeah, some of them can be pretty scary, but they’ve got a whole load of knowledge and they’re there to help. So, ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Plus, getting in their good books now might help bag you that killer internship later on!

9. Create the best study space & playlist

Find yourself a study area, preferably not in bed but somewhere comfortable and practical. A playlist full of your favorite songs can also really help to get you into the study zone too.

10. Plan your time

Separate study time and free time - work/life balance is super important and let’s face it, college ain’t all about studying! Hit the gym, hang out with you classmates, or go to the mall? Sleep? Whatever you wanna do - you deserve it! So take a deep breath, get organized and get set for an amazing school year, let’s face it they’re the best years of your life!

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