10 things you (probably) forgot to bring to college

The Forgot-10

When it comes to packing for school, you likely spent weeks making sure you had the perfect outfit to wear on the first day of classes and carefully selected a comforter that represents who you are as a person. However, somewhere in the chaos and excitement, you forgot some essentials. Have no fear, Bed Bath & Beyond is here with 15% off for all UNiDAYS students! Check out even more of their Most Forgotten Items here.

1. Handi-Tak Adhesive

You spent so much time picking out the perfect posters and photos for your new room that you totally blanked on how you’d be hanging them! Handi-Tak Adhesive is the perfect solution for dorms that don’t want you destroying the walls with tacks, nails and tape. Use it on all surfaces-- we dare you!

2. 6-Hook Over-the-Door Rack

Oh no! You have no idea where to hang your scarves/bags/bathrobe. This convenient Over-the-Door Rack is the perfect space-saving solution. Just don’t forget to get two-- one for your room and one for the bathroom.

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3. Stackable Microwave Bowls (Set of 4)

You can only steal so many plates and bowls from the dining hall before they get suspicious and blacklist you. If you forgot to pack your own, it’s time to invest. Just make sure they’re microwavable (hello, you’re sustaining yourself on Easy Mac & Ramen Noodles!).

4. Umbra® Skinny 2-Gallon Wastebasket

When you only have so much space to work with, the last thing you need (and probably the reason you forgot it in the first place) is a big, gross garbage can taking up space. This Umbra® Skinny 2-Gallon comes in 7 attractive colors that’ll assure it’s as discreet as it is practical.

5. Studio 3B™ 4-Piece USB Bed Lift Set

Nothing says “college” quite like the need to utilize the space under your bed, and nothing gets the job done quite like these bed lifts. Not only will they add inches of extra storage you might not have realized you’d need, but they double as a USB port for easy bed-side phone charging.

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6. Black & Decker™ Dustbuster® Cordless Handheld Vacuum

You probably won’t need some sort of vacuuming device until it’s too late (aka there are Goldfish Crackers crushed into your carpet). This delightful little handheld has a wide-mouth, is seriously powerful and best of all? It’s cordless.

7. Jasco 6-Foot HDMI Cable

You probably assumed that you had every cable or wire you could possibly ever need in that tangled mess where all of your cables and wires go to die. When you actually need a specific one, you can’t find it/never had it to begin with. Do away with separate audio and video wiring and fully enjoy your HDTV with this 6-foot HDMI cable. Your tangled mess of cords is officially one wire less.

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8. Tide® Ultra Stain Release™ 46 oz. High Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent

Oh gosh, that pile of dirty clothing is really starting to pile up and you thought you’d get to run home to have Mom do your laundry before you ran out of clean shirts. Didn’t plan on doing your own laundry? Sorry for the wakeup call! Scoop up some Tide from Bed Bath & Beyond while you’re picking up everything else you forgot.

9. Indoor/Outdoor Throw Blanket

You might not have realized how clutch it’d be to have a blanket specifically for hanging out on the Quad with your friends. This Indoor/Outdoor Throw Blanket is waterproof, stylish, and folds up small so you can shove it in your backpack when it’s time for class.

10. Kikkerland® Easy Folding Step Stool

Did you forget or did you not realize everything you’d own would be out of arm’s length once you started stacking your belongings? Either way, this Kikkerland® Easy Folding Step Stool comes in 5 awesome colors and will bring you closer to the things you love (like your favorite hoodie on the top shelf of your closet)!

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