16 times we loved Bed Bath & Beyond as much as Abbi

What's Beyond?

We might not love jumping right back into writing papers and taking notes, but there’s no denying we love back to school shopping. I think it has something to do with the premise of a fresh start; a naive certainty that this is going to be your best year yet.

An image

The mecca of all things back to school, Bed Bath & Beyond, has just about everything you could possibly ever need when crossing things off your back to school checklist (check back in a couple of weeks for one of those, btw).

Like any person with great sense, allow us to express our excitement for dorm-room & apartment decoration inspo through moving photos of Abbi from Broad City. She is… arguably the biggest Bed Bath & Beyond fan on the planet, but since they joined UNiDAYS with 15% off for college student members, I think I’m about to give her a run for her money....

1. Their dream rooms give us all of the interior decoration feels!

Que us flirting like Abbi to obtain that pillow: An image

2. Those lofted beds are worthy of a new friendship handshake!

An image


Seems to also warrant a dance of some sort... An image

4. Keep one foot in summer (eternally) with beachy stripes!

Seriously, they sell everything. Beachy stripes and BOWLS?! An image


Allllll of the storage you could ever dream of!

So you have more room for the fan you'll inevitably need.

An image

6. I could study here:

But it might be harder with my BFF as my roommate... An image

7. My closet could look like that?!

(This isn't a related gif but I think about this on the subway all of the time) An image

8. This is what comfy looks like.

Val would want you to live a little... An image

9. Working out becomes a dream

Just.. exercise caution as well An image

10. Coat rack is a MAJOR space savor

Trust us. An image

11. Good vibes only

It'll attract the kind of people you'll want to surround yourself with An image

12. Towelz for dayz

We could really get lost in here

An image

13. Organize your jewelry

Or risk ruining ALL of your jewelry... An image

14. Shoes for days

You can keep buying the too!

An image

15. Bathroom curtains change the whole room


An image

16. Double up on storage for small spaces

But with 15% off, you might be dorm rooming living, but you'll be kind of a boss An image

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