Hot VS Cold: Spring Break Packing

Besides spring break itself, packing for whatever trip you’re going on is the best part! However, our minds can often blank on what to wear so packing quickly becomes a difficult task. So, I’ve complied a helpful packing guide for you depending on the climate of your destination.

Somewhere Warm

If you’re headed somewhere warm, shorts and sleevele ss tops are a must. Pick versatile pieces to pack like denim shorts and simple camisoles that can be worn with other items too. Graphic t-shirts never hurt either. For shoes, I love a cute sandal and a slip-on. Both can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation. A slip-on espadrille is a great alternative to sneakers, which can get clunky and take up precious room in your bag. For a sandal, pick something flat or heeled, considering the type of activities you have planned. Beachy retailers like Roxy and Pacsun are ideal places to shop for swimsuits. They always have the cutest styles and keep pretty up to date on trends. One piece swimsuits are lovely if you don’t exactly what to flaunt everything in a bikini and in a classic color like black, you can’t go wrong with this one. If you do decide to opt for a bikini, I’m eyeing this one. Don’t forget a hat and some sunnies, too! Floppy hats are currently my favorite because they’re fun and unexpected. As for sunnies, I’m loving mirrored lenses. hot

Somewhere Cold

Believe it or not, not everyone loves the beach! Sometimes, a trip to a mountain cabin or ski resort can be much more relaxing. Just be sure you pack warm items, especially ones you can layer effectively. Thermals are great. You’ll definitely need a coat. What kind is up to you. If you want something cute and practical to keep you warm, this fur-lined one with a hood is a good choice. A faux fur option can keep your outfit snow bunny chic for apres ski activities! Once you have a coat, you need warm accessories like mittens and hats! I live in Chicago and it’s crazy cold here so even I am still trying to learn how to balance looking cute while staying warm. When you choose the right items, it’s easier. Beanies are ideal and any type of glove works, though I prefer the technology friendly ones. Be sure to bring cozy socks too. For shoes, you have endless options. If you’re going to be somewhere where it’s rainy, go with rain boots like these. The great thing is you can wear them again, even when it’s not raining! If your vacation spot is more snowy, you’ll need something heavier duty to actually keep you warm. cold

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