5 Beginner Snowboarding Tips!

Who better to go through some snowboarding tips that DC Shoes. Grab 15% off all their snowboarding gear with your UNiDAYS® college discount and stay tuned for 5 tips to get you up on that board and down on the slopes!

1. Find Your Stance

Finding your snowboarding stance is easy, decide which foot you would slide forward with and this will be your forward foot for snowboarding! 'Regular' stance means that your left food is forward and 'Goofy' means that your right foot is forward. Easy! ‌

2. Know Your Conditions

Learn early that it's a lot harder to learn in hard/icy conditions so if the snow's frozen overnight where you are, you may want to wait until the afternoon when it's a little softer, unless you want to injure yourself! Always head for the powdery snow, this will let you make easy carves as if you were surfing!

3. Give It Your All

This is especially needed when turning, you need to overemphasize the movement and deliberately push with your heels or toes, depending which way you want to turn. If you just wait for the turn to happen you're more likely to topple over!

4. Practice

Even when you're not on the snow, practice your turning emphasis from the above point and your muscle memory will start to develop. If you have your own boots and board, strap in and practice even if you're in your bedroom! ‌

5. Get The Gear

Obviously, getting the gear is a top tip if you're serious about getting into snowboarding as a full-on hobby! Girls, we love these super-sassy leopard print Seema Base Layer Leggings and the Karma Snowboard Boots are pretty cool too. Guys, the Cuff Bobble Hat will keep you cozy during time out and the Ripley Snowboard Jacket is an essential for the slopes! Article-size_DCshoes_1 Hero Image Source

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