3 Best Summer Volunteering Roles

As Summer rolls around, the excitement is building up for the most fun time of year. With so much time off, what better reason to explore or try something new? Spend some of your free days volunteering to make a difference in the world which will make yourself feel good in return.


If you’re looking for travel, look no further than WWOOF! This organization allows volunteers to stay with hosts around the globe in exchange for working on a farm. You get the chance to see the world and make new friends (for a low cost) while helping out those who need it. Plus, take advantage of 10% off Rosetta Stone and learn a language in whatever country you venture to! ‌

2. Local Animal Shelters or YMCA

If you love helping animals, motivating children, or even basking in the sun, hit up your local animal shelter or YMCA. Many organizations allow volunteer work from those in the community and they offer a wide range of activities to choose from. You can be a sports coach at the Y or make an impact supporting animals in need!

3. Beach Clean Ups

Who doesn’t want to be in the sun in the summer?! Go tanning at the nearest beach and then head out along the shore with a group of volunteers to clean up. Our oceans are being polluted daily which affects the health of all wildlife, people, and the environment. Every small act of kindness adds up and can make a change greater than you think! Focus on a cause that’s truly important to you. Your own life will feel more fulfilling while making a difference in the lives of others.

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