Holiday episodes to watch instead of studying for finals

Happy procrastinating!

The semester is coming to an end and you know what that means... time to procrastinate on studying! I am here to give you something much more fun to do. Skip right over finals season and get in the holiday spirit by watching these iconic episodes.

1. Friends - “The One With the Holiday Armadillo”

Ross did his best to try and teach his son about Hanukkah, but when he has to compete with Chandler dressed as Santa he busts out an Armadillo costume. I’m sure you're thinking to yourself, 'oh, I didn’t know Armadillos had anything to do with Hanukkah!' Well, you are correct, they don’t... that was the only costume Ross could get. You can watch the episode on Netflix! An image Gif source

2. The Office - “The Christmas Party”

What starts out as a lovely Secret Santa turns into a nasty White Elephant when Michael forgets how the rules work and overspends on his present. It’s interesting to see what everyone gets when they get to randomly select gifts that were so obviously made for someone else. For example, Oscar gets a nameplate that says, Kelly. I’m sure he will be able to use that in some way....JK. You can watch the episode on Netflix! An image Gif source

3. New Girl - “Santa”

The gang goes to a bunch of Christmas parties together. Each faces their own challenges while traveling through the parties. Schmidt is longing for Cece, Nick has to make his flight on time, Winston has a popcorn kernel stuck in his ear, and Jess is running away from her ex, Sam. Its a great episode, and it ends with a bunch of gorgeously decorated houses. What could be better? Watch it on Netflix! An image Gif source

4. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - “My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh's Sweet Dance Moves”

In this episode, Rebecca gets to experience the most classic part of the holidays: being around family that you don’t want to be around. Rebecca welcomes her over criticizing Jewish mother into her home, only to have her pick apart everything about her life. Just creating more wonderful memories to look back on. You can watch the episode on Netflix! An image Gif source

5. Seinfeld - “The Strike”

An oldie but a goodie. The group finds out about George’s family holiday, “Festivus”. Kramer loves the idea of it and decides that he will help George’s Dad, Frank, bring back Festivus. You can decorate your own Festivus pole and sit down and watch this episode on Hulu. An image Gif source

6. SNL - “Schweddy Balls”

So this isn’t a full episode, just a skit, but it is so great. Alec Baldwin joins the cast for this fun skit and tells the host of the NPR news show, Delicious Dish, all about his specialty at his bakery Season’s Eatings, Schweddy Balls. You can watch the clip on Youtube! An image Gif source

7. Parks and Recreation - “Citizen Knope”

In this episode, Leslie is suspended from work. While this doesn’t have to do with the Holidays, she also gives the best gifts so then everyone gets together to make her a great present. She gifts paintings, clothes, and accessories. As a thank you the Parks and Recreation office creates a giant Gingerbread office with all of them inside made out of candy. It’s a Christmas miracle that people out-gifted Leslie Knope. You can watch this one on Netflix too! An image Gif source

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