5 reasons The Princess Switch is so bad, it's good

Oh great, another "switching places" movie

Much like the cheesy Netflix Christmas movies that came before it (A Christmas Prince, etc.), they’re not for everyone. But if you take them for what they are, you will not be disappointed! So here’s some reasons you should just roll with the festive cheesiness.

1. It’s like the Parent Trap, except with Vanessa Hudgens

We’re still not over how they made The Parent Trap with only one Lindsay Lohan, let alone making this film with only one Vanessa! It’s a classic plot but dusted with a sprinkling of Christmas spirit.

2. Vanessa Hudgens can’t act, but who cares?!

Vanessa Hudgens is not going to win any Oscars for this movie (or in any other circumstances to be honest), but does that really matter? No. It didn’t matter when we were dancing around to High School Musical and it still doesn’t now!

3. There’s a reason romantic Christmas movies are a hit

Love, Actually, The Holiday, Four Christmases- we love them all! Whether you have a bae for Christmas or not, watching a romance unfold in the midst of a snowy backdrop just tugs at the heartstrings. This film has all the perfect elements: cue a ball, a horse and carriage ride, cute snow fight and even a kiss under the mistletoe (that's not a spoiler alert because you already know it's coming)!

4. It’s another princess movie

You either read that ^ in a positive voice or negative one. For the princess positivity crew, it’s got everything you could possibly want from a princess movie from ‘ordinary girl’ falling for a prince to a royally embarrassing moment!

5. It’s so unbelievable, it's fantastic

Yes some of the plot points are a bit weak and it’s totally unrealistic, but this isn’t a biopic so just let the cheesiness flow through you!

Check out the trailer:

Hero source

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