Get that job: 10 interview tips

Getting invited for an interview is an awesome thing to have achieved, you've made it this far, make sure you nail it. We've got 10 tips that might seem simple but can make all the difference between you and another candidate, even if you have exactly the same qualifications. Trust us, you can do this!

1. Look The Part

We're talking clean shoes, tidy hair and minimal make-up if you wear it. You must dress appropriately for the role, company, location, industry - the lot! For example, more corporate industries such as banking and law will be very smart and you'll have to adhere to this. If you're interviewing for a more creative role, you can get away with a less stuffy outfit. Remember to smell the part too! Don't wear too much perfume or aftershave and if you're a smoker, make super sure you don't smell of that. It's very off-putting.

2. Be Prepared

Make sure you do your research on the company beforehand. Make sure you know the name of the person who's interviewing you, this is just politeness. They're definitely going to ask you awkward questions about strengths, weaknesses and the like so make sure you have fail-safe answers for these. This will make you less nervous as you'll be able to fire straight back to them.

3. Be Honest

Don't lie about past successes or places that you've worked. Bigging yourself up is great, lying is not! Also, don't lie about your skills, it will only come and bite you back when you're stuck doing something you said you could do but you actually can't.

4. Turn Your Phone Off

Or at least onto flight mode. Your Taylor Swift ringtone is not what the interviewers want to hear blasting half way through the interview!

5. Don't Be Late

Do a test run if you don't know where the building is, this will stop you stressing and potentially getting lost on the day of your interview. Even if you don't get lost, this will stop you running about and getting all sweaty when you're supposed to be looking awesome.

6. Be Nice

To everyone you meet. Literally everyone, the receptionist, the janitor, everyone. You never know who the interviewers are going to speak to that you've crossed paths with.

7. Make Eye Contact

This will make you exude confidence and they'll trust what you're saying a lot more.

8. Be Positive

Interviewers don't want to hear negativity about a past job or someone you didn't like in college. They want to hear you say great things and be positive whatever the outcome.

9. Use Examples

Back up everything you're saying with an example of when you did it. For example, if you're saying you directed your school play, tell them what it was, what you learned and how it's helped you get to where you are.

10. Be Thankful

Finally, remember to say thank you for being asked for the interview and you could even send a thank you note if you feel it went well. This is just the cherry on top of a great impression.

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