8 Things To Include On Your Resume

Writing a resume is a tricky task which is why we're here to help!

1. Activities & Organizations

If you're involved in any sports teams, community projects or extracurricular activities, this is a great thing to include in your resume. Make sure that you back them up by saying how they benefit you as a person i.e do they let you practice a particular skill or trait?

2. Social Media Profiles

It's 2016 guys, you've definitely got to include social media platforms. The employer may think that you have something to hide if you don't so remember that when you do include them to make sure that any incriminating photos or tweets are hidden or deleting. Yep, we mean that time when you had one to many Cosmopolitans and ended up dancing on a table.

3. You!

This is a pretty obvious one but make sure that you have your full name, address, email and phone contacts on your resume. You can add a photograph if you like, some employers like this as they can find it hard to remember everyone's face to their name.

4. Honors & Awards

Big yourself up and make yourself sound awesome. If you've won any awards that are relevant to the job you're applying for, put them down, the interviewers will be impressed.

5. Testimonials and References

If you left your internship or your last job on a really good note, get a testimonial from your old boss and get them to say how great you are. It's more convincing than just you saying you're awesome.

6. Keywords

When you read the job role in the advert, note down important words that they say they're looking for. For example if they say they're looking for someone who is hard-working, a logical thinker and tidy. Use these words or similar in different ways in your resume, you'll look like the perfect candidate from the get-go!

7. Quantifiable Data & Metrics

If you have any statistics and numbers surrounding your achievements or scores from exams, these will back you up and make you seem super awesome!

8. Previous Experience

Even if you don't have career steps just yet, list your low-level jobs such as being a cashier or working in McDonald's, these all count towards your experience and the person you are today, employers want to know.

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