11 interview tips to help you slay from a Girlboss

Hey guys, it's Marisa!

As promised, I'm back to talk you through the dreaded process of interviewing. Once your resume is perfect (seriously, don't say you're big on attention to detail if it's not perfection), you're ready to take on future employers face-to-face.

Your resume might get your foot in the door, but the interview will ensure the rest of you will stay there for good. Heed my advice if you want to nail the interview process.

And trust me, I'm a #boss.

1. Be on time but not awkwardly early

Some offices are open-concept and this can be incredibly awkward! DO get there on time though-- run if you have to!

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2. Bring a copy of your resume

Fancy paper doesn’t matter but it shows you care

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3. Aim to have a conversation, not a robotic Q&A session

This is where your fun interests come in handy on your resume. Like hot sauce? Say so! Someone interviewing you might also love hot sauce.

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4. Ask thoughtful questions

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5. Write stuff down

They take note when you do.

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6. Do your homework

Read everything you can about the company. Know who you're talking to. It will shine through.

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7. Be enthusiastic

If you love the company and just want a foot in the door and will do anything for a shot, share that!

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8. Dress professionally but show a little flair

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9. Be descriptive yet succinct

If you find that you’ve just been talking for 30 minutes without so much as the interviewer asking a question to interrupt, they are probably politely letting you talk your way out of the job. We are looking to see if you can listen, engage and interact as much as you can talk.

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10. Make sure the job is a fit for you as much as you are for the job

Think about it this way: you are interviewing them, too!

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11. Don’t ask about salary, hours, benefits, or vacation in the first three interviews!

Once you’ve established there is potentially a mutual fit (usually interview 3), ask if they can share a bit more detail around the benefits

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