9 tips to ready your resume from a boss

Writing your resume and cover letter might be the worst actual part of finding a job. You know what? I think it's probably the worst part of having a job, too. Once you get it absolutely perfect, though, there's no reason you can't land the job of your dreams (or at least a job that points you in the right direction).

As a #GirlBoss, I've read a lot of resumes and I've interviewed a lot of people (more on interviews later), so I can definitely tell you that while there's not a perfect formula, there are things you should be doing to put the odds in your favor.

Here are 9 tips that oughta get you a foot in the door:

1. Use a cool (but not too outlandish) format. Something clean, stylish and appealing

Cool Dog

2. Bullets should be bullets, not paragraphs


3. If you put on there that you are running your own company in tandem, you will seem distracted and not focused on this job


4. Don’t feel like you have to fill up your resume with every job you’ve ever had, just add the relevant ones. Too many jobs can make you look like you are always jumping ship

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5. But don’t leave huge gaps without having a reason for them during the interview process


6. Put your interests at the bottom and have some fun, this can really make you jump off the page and lead into banter that will create a connection


7. Cover letters are obsolete but shaping your resume for the job you are applying for makes sense. Look at the job spec and see where your skills line up to the requirements and speak to this

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8.Any numerical, quantifiable data to back up what you’ve done goes a long way

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9. Offer references


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