Adidas for every part of your day

Not enough [shoes] in the day

You never really know what your day is going to look like when you’re in college. One second you’re sleeping in your 8am class, and the next you’re SPRINTING to the library to print out that paper you forgot was due today.

And, while you realistically only NEED one pair of Adidas sneaks to get you through life (they're durable and comfortable AF), why stop there? Especiallyyyy if you get a student discount.

So, without further ado, here are the sneakers that will get you through a typical college day.

1. The 8am comfy shoes

These are the shoes you slip on in the morning and know that you can pair anything with, and still look relatively presentable. They’re comfy enough to nap in (not like you’re napping in your 8am though, OF COURSE…) and are easy to walk in when your body has still not actually woken up.

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2 The lab shoes

These shoes will be there for you and your feet when you have to stand up for 3 hours straight. They also have a hard material, so you can easily wipe off any strange liquids that may spill onto them during your scientific endeavors (and nothing will leak through and burn your foot!).

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3 The class-to-class trek shoes

When your campus is 3 miles long and you have to walk back and forth from the farthest possible buildings all afternoon, these are the shoes that you’ll want for a long (and probably uphill) journey. Plus, they match everythiiiiing.

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4 The shoes for when it randomly starts raining

You need to have some shoes that won’t allow rain to soak through! Get a nice pair of waterproof sneakers (I loooove these ones with a pop of color) that will get you through the rainy fall, the snowy winter, and the rainy spring. Because rain boots aren’t comfortable, right?!

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5 The shoes to SPRINT to the library in

When you get to class and remember you needed to print out a hard copy of the paper due that you ask to go to the bathroom and then SPRINT to the library...these are the shoes you want to have on. They’re breathable and flexible, so they’ll make you feel like an Olympic runner, or a character in an action movie.

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6 . The gym shoes

In order to work off the mass amounts of junk food you stress-ate (cough speaking from experience cough), maybe you’ll find yourself at the gym, where you will want shoes that are the perfect balance of Instgrammable (those SOLES) and actually effective at keeping your feet comfy and supported while you work out.

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7. The practice shoes (if you’re an athlete)

Obviouslyyy if you play a sport requiring cleats, Adidas has to be your go-to brand. Not only are they made by magical shoe elves to perfectly contour and support your foot, but they LOOK cool too. An obvious choice, really.

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8. The shoes to slip on and off in the library

Ok now I’m not advocating that you WALK AROUND BAREFOOT in the library...but I’d be dishonest if I didn’t take into account the fact that slipping your shoes off as you sit in one seat for 3 hours was pretty satisfying. That’s why you need some nice slip-ons, so you can slip them on and off (highly recommend slipping them ON to go walk around). I'm also obsessed with the color of them!

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9. The dancing shoes

Sneakers at parties is the smartest thing you can do. You’re standing all night, you’re dancing, and maybe you’re walking a little while home from your friend’s dorm. Plus, lots of spills happen at parties, so you better make sure your shoes are prepared for it! These are the ones to go with for a chill look- you can wear these with pants, shorts, dresses, skirts...the possibilities are endless.

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