Nobody said it was Yeezy: 6 more reasons to say AdidYAS

When thinking of Adidas the mind almost instantly goes to gym shorts and work out clothes. Well my friend, Adidas is much more than that. Yes, Adidas is cool. Don't believe me? Just look at all the things that'll have you going "AdidYAAAAAS" (that aren't Yeezy related).

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Partnership with Pharrell

Nothing will make you "happy" like their hiking collection. That's right, Pharell has a hiking collection. Just one more reason to make a statement when you venture into the outside

Retro is made modern

The 80s were a great time for Adidas, basketball wise at least. They've gone into the vault to pay homage to iconic street style (while also making a statement). Forum is back and better than ever.

Making menswear

By partnering with Wings + Horns, Adidas has been able to step up their menswear game. No longer are they just what you throw in your gym bag. If anything, they're now what you wear to show you have a great sense of style.

Designer duds

ALEXANDER WANG IS WORKING WITH ADIDAS!! If you're not this pumped, you need to get on my level. Always a mixture of subcultures, you can continue to be on the cusp of fashion and still be comfortable.

Be a Superstar

The idea of slip-ons being cool is still a new concept. Gone are the days were the cool kids made fun of shoes without laces. Take a style note from the former drummer for M.I.A. Just look at her, Kiran Gandhi is your new style icon.

Gazelle isn't just for running

Adidas is all about high-quality, especially their Gazelle line. So next time you tell someone you're showing up in your sneaks... they can't fault you.

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