Outfits that won't make you late to class

Running late?

Don't let getting dressed make you any later. After about three weeks of dressing cute my freshman year, I realized just how grumpy and tired I was trying to get up and put together these outfits. Sure, I could've put it out the night before but I'm VERY last minute when it comes to getting ready. That's when I decided to fall into the pattern most college students eventually follow, athleisure for EVERY outfit. Oversized t-shirt with shorts? An absolute fave. Leggings and a t-shirt I got for free from some event? Didn't even have to think twice about it. If you want to fully embrace the athleisure lifestyle while you can, below are just a few of the options I suggest.

Track pants

All you need to do is pull them on and go. Complement the stripe on the side with a similarly colored t-shirt and a look you absolutely threw together will seem like an effort was made.


It's all about ease with these outfits. Slip into a body suit and pair it with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or sweatpants and you're dressed and out the door before you know it.


Sweatpants are great but joggers are the best. Why? They're basically a tailored sweatpant. Hurriedly tie up your favorite sneakers as you run out the door, throw on a hoodie, and you'll be in class just in time to sign the attendance sheet.


A staple of most college students. You can wear them with a bodysuit, under a dress or skirt, or with an oversized t-shirt. They're comfy AND can add a pop of color depending upon the design you get.


All you need is a shirt and shoes to complete this look. Try them with a sweatshirt when the temperature drops or with a tank if it's still hot AF outside.


This outfit is already done for you. No need to pick out a separate top or bottom. Add a jacket for a full ensemble or put on shoes and just go.


Also known as a tracksuit depending on what material you get. You don't even have to pick out separate pieces as the pieces that go together are already determined. If anything, it gives you the vintage feel without looking like you spent HOURS searching for it.

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