9 back to school looks that'll make everyone say "AdidYAS"

Summer can be a bummer

Well maybe not a complete bummer... seeing as the REAL bummer is that it's almost over and time to think about heading back to school. Whether you're a Freshman entering college for the first time or a Senior that can't WAIT to graduate, you could probably benefit from an athleisure overhaul.

Streetwear is cool (as is showing off all the new Adidas stuff you got when you roll up to campus come September). And hey, the best part about ALL of this is that Adidas 20% off until July 29th. So if you're needing a little back to school outfit inspiration, look no further:

1. The cold weather casual

2. Crop tops and combat boots

3. Statement pieces are key

4. Basics that don't look basic

5. Color coordination to show you tried

6. Bodysuits are ALWAYS in

7. Mix patterns and pieces

8. Accents make an outfit

9. Dress the whole look up with heels