7 things to buy now that we've got lunch covered

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Now that we've got lunch covered for the week TREAT YO' SELF to any one of these summer favorites with all of your extra cash. And because you'll get to use your #studentdiscount, you're saving a dime on them either way ;)

1. Shake it like a Polaroid picture...

This fun little camera will help you capture all of your great summer memories. It's small enough that you can throw it into a backpack for a fun day with your friends and you'll have instant vintagey pictures you can cover your dorm room walls with. Grab it from PacSun and start snapping away!

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2. Backpack clap back

Oh, you didn't realize that backpacks aren't just for school anymore? Well, we are here to educate (hehe see what we did there?). When going out, a backpack is an excellent hands-free option AND looks cute with just about any lewk you can dream up. Finding the perfect one is a bit harder, though. This bag from Nasty Gal is the perfect size and as an added bonus, no one will ask if you're headed to the library.

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3. Would you light my candle?

I think we can all agree that summer is THE BEST. The only downfall? Well... sometimes smell like hot garbage. Just me? Just NYC? Well if you happen to feel the same then grab some cute and great smelling candles from H&M. Your room will be smelling like a spa!

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4. If you steal my sunshine

Don't ruin a good Insta picture with you and your besties because you're all squinting/have mascara running down your faces after a dip in the water. Grab yourself a pair of stylish sunglasses from Ray-Ban and you won't mind wearing them in photos because they look so. damn. good.

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5. Where the magic happens...

Wanna mix up the vibes of your room? Well, the easiest thing to do is paint it...jk, jk (lololol imagine). Grab yourself some new bedding from Bed, Bath and Beyond and it'll automatically elevate your space. You'll be so excited to show off your new bedding you might even consider making your bed. JK (god, I'm on a roll).

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6. Stay hydrated & SAVE THE WORLD

Are you trying to save the planet? OMG, me too! To make sure you're staying properly hydrated, which is also v v important, grab yourself a reusable water bottle. You'll have a cute accessory to carry around, you'll be helping the plant aaaand you'll stay hydrated. It's a win, win, win. Grab one from S'well and you'll be set.

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7. A toy just for you ;)

Just because you're done with classes doesn't mean you don't still have stress in your life. Help yourself relieve some of that stress with a fun toy (wink wink) from Lovehoney.

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