Summer bucket list: 21 things to do before classes start

A college student's guide to your best summer yet

We could go on and on about how suddenly it's August and we're running out of time... but take this bucket list now and do with it what you will.

1. Make your own ice cream!

2. Create your own beach blanket by sewing multiple towels together and test it at the beach.

3. Stay up late to stargaze

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4. Wake up early to watch the sunrise - Bonus for a picnic breakfast

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5. Challenge someone(s) to mini golf

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6. Have a backyard BBQ

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7. Hike a new path

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8. Attend a baseball game

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9. Find your local farmer’s market and buy enough ingredients for dinner

10. Build a sand castle... or sculpture

11. Bike along the boardwalk, through town, or along the beach

12. Sleep in a tent (even if it’s in your backyard)

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13. Make your own watermelon slushy

14. Spend an entire day in your PJs

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15. Challenge your friends to a water balloon fight (water guns are allowed)

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16. Read a book just for fun

17. Make s’mores on the beach. If there isn’t a beach nearby a gas stove works too.

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18. Have a picnic

19. Have an upside-down dinner and eat breakfast for dinner

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20. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle

21.Attend the local amusement park... bonus points if it’s a fair or carnival.

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Have an amazing summer!

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