6 spring break beauty mistakes to avoid

Don't let these beauty faux pas ruin your Spring Break

This time of year we seem to find ourselves in a bit of a beauty rut but with Spring Break coming I think it's safe to say we're back, baby! and just in time for beach vacations and cross-country voyages. While we're excited to feel the sun on our skin and shake the ocean out of our hair-- it's important to remember that the elements really wreak havoc on said skin and hair. A few simple beauty mistakes can totally ruin your vacation and we don't want that! For tips on sidestepping these classic beach slip-ups, read on friends:

1. Don't drop a ton of money on a manicure

The idea is not to go #SpringBroke, so it’s really a no brainer when it comes to doing your own nails this time around. The hot color of the moment is all things neon, and I can’t think of a more fitting Spring break nail color to ring in the mark of mid-semester.

2. Don't get waxed right before you go swimming

We know you want the perfect bikini line when you're running down the beach in your teeny tiny bikini, but you do NOT want to feel the burn in that area. The trick is to avoid shaving or waxing immediately before you take a dip, as hair removal methods tend to make skin more sensitive. Also, if you’re shaving, make sure to use a fresh razor and use some sort shave gel to minimize irritability.

3. Don't forget to shield your strands

Salt water, chlorine and sun wreak havoc on your hair whether you’ve dyed it or not. Our favorite trick? Saturate hair with water & conditioner before hitting the waves. You’ll thank us later ;)

4. Don't bring your whole makeup bag

This might be hard for some of you to hear, but don't bring too much makeup with you. You’re so much better off going as natural as possible after you’ve gotten a little sun. Precedence should be taken over your skin either way. Sunscreen and lip balm with SPF are all you really need but you can add waterproof mascara if need be.

5. Don’t forget to hydrate!

8 glasses of water is the ultimate daily goal when it comes to hydrating ourselves, and this is just as important on vacation as it is IRL, especially if you’re doing any sort of physical activity-- don’t let the sun soak up all of your moisture!. Plus, if you decide to indulge in some cocktails poolside, make sure you’re balancing out the water/alcohol intake as a trip to the hospital just shouldn’t be on your agenda.

6. Don’t forget to change up your fragrance

Spring break falls at just the right time for us mentally and physically, but it sure can be confusing for our mind/body/souls. What’s winter? What’s summer? Do I have homework? What day is it? Who am I?

If you’re a fragrance person, you likely have a different scent to pull you through the different seasons. If a fragrance is heavy and strong in a warmer climate (like a hot Spring break destination) it can be overwhelming. On the other hand, warm weather perfumes are apt to get muted in the cold weather months.

That said, you definitely need a scent that’ll perfectly capture the temperature, mood, and promise of everything that Spring break has to offer.

We’re loving True Spark from the spark x iskra collection available at Aerie. The scent notes are so yummy and fresh; pink grapefruit, honeysuckle, and soft cedarwood. In other words, utter Spring break scent perfection.

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