The 5 things you need for a successful staycation

Namaste in bed

So you’ve decided to not go away for Spring Break. Good choice! Just because you’re not going somewhere exciting, that doesn’t mean that you can’t splurge on yourself. Here are some things that will make your staycation the best it can be!

  1. A GOOD laptop Is your laptop just not cutting it anymore? Use that cash you've been saving up to buy yourself a new laptop, like a sleek and dependable HP. This way, you get a new laptop that will work great for years to come, and you’ll have another screen to binge watch your favorite shows on! An image Img source

  2. Loungewear No one wants to be uncomfortable while lounging around, so grab a new outfit. With this pajama set from Nasty Gal, you'll be super comfy and look cute enough to post an Instagram of you enjoying your staycation. An image Img source

  3. Socks Keep your feet feeling warm and looking great with any of the cute sock options at American Eagle. You shouldn’t have to choose between warmth and cuteness. An image Img source

  4. A Speaker You’ll have your house to yourself, make sure to take advantage of that by picking up a speaker from Samsung. Recreate that music video for Ariana’s newest song, and if you play your music loud enough on the speaker, you won’t even notice you’re out of tune. An image Img source

  5. Takeout The last thing you want to do while you’re enjoying your staycation is cook. Use the UNiDAYS Grubhub discount to grab yourself pizza, burger, or sushi, or all three if you want! An image Img source

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