5 summer jobs perfect for college students

Summertime Jobs

School is coming to a close and we are all heading home for break, some of you may already be there - lucky. It’s great to catch up with friends, but after a while 3 months of nothing can get a little boring. Having a summer job is a great way gain work experience and fill any extra time. Plus you get to put some extra cash in your pocket, so let’s get looking!


Being a lifeguard is awesome, you literally get paid to work on your summer tan. You do have to have CPR certification, but it’s all worth it. Who knows maybe you’ll even save some lives Baywatch style.

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Camp counselor

A perfect way to sneak back into summer camp. Have your camp buddy apply with you and it’s even more fun than before! If you love outdoor activities, and mentoring this will be a perfect fit. (It will also keep you in shape.)

Office internship

Having an office internship is a little more serious than the rest, but it is crucial for your career development. I know, I know, I am talking about the future, too stressful. Having an office job can actually be really fun; I have one! Hence why you are reading this. Just make sure you find one who needs an intern, not a errand boy, and you can learn a lot! P.S. Paid internships do exist, just do a little bit of digging, and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Host/ Server

Tips!!! Trust me those singles add up! This is the job for you if you love interacting with people. You can actually meet some really cool people. Yes, you do get the occasional crazy/ rude customer, but afterwards you walk away with a great story. Did I forget to mention that you’ll usually get free food?

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You don’t have to have an office internship to be a blogger. There are a lot of sites that hire freelance writers, and they want college students! The best thing about being a blogger is that you can do it anywhere. On a road trip with your friends or in bed binge watching your favorite show, as long as you have wifi you’re good. No need to cancel any plans!

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