20 graduation gifts you'll want to keep for yourself

Congrads, y'all.

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You might be graduating, you might have friends or boyfriends & girlfriends who are graduating, or you might want to surprise your friend who with a little something special to commemorate your time together. Whatever the case, there's about to be some gift giving going on and none of us are in a position to slip our graduated friends a check. Here's everything you want, need, and didn't know you wanted, until now:

1. An Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

Give this to your best friend the night before Graduation and we guarantee you won't regret it! Snap pictures of each other getting ready, up on stage, and at the afterparty and the product will be a thousand times more special than if you were just posting on your Instagram story. Pick it up at Urban Outfitters.

2. Classic Frye Boots

My first big purchase after I graduated was a pair of Frye's. My Mom gifted me a pretty sick pair shortly after. They'll never go out of the style, they're durable as all hell, and because they've a slightly higher price point, you'll raise eyebrows (in all the right ways) when you're networking post-grad life. Someone wearing Frye's has their s#!t together.

3. The Gift of Sight

If you're looking for an unexpected but awesome gift (maybe even as a gift to yourself), try 1800 Contacts. They're actually PERFECT for someone who is about to go on a big trip (think backpacking across Europe) and it shows you care. People who wear contacts have a hard enough time-- make it easier for them.

4. A New Bike!

Talk about the perfect gift for just about anyone. We love Pure Cycles because they are SO affordable and anyone moving on after college will benefit from some new wheels. Whether they're moving to a big city post-graduation or riding dirty country-style, they'll think of you every time.

5. Motorola Moto Z

Talk about UNDERRATED! The Moto Z from Motorola makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. If Mom & Dad are looking to buy you a new phone, slip them your UNiDAYS info to get that student discount. The special attachments (mods) turn this phone into a portable funhouse and it's without a doubt the best quality camera phone on the market.

6. A Bomber with a Dream

We all have that friend who is destined for great things. They are usually headed to NYC (I live here so obvi, I'm biased). Show them you support their dream by gifting them with this rad jacket from Mixology.

7. Anything Apple

Ok, here come the Apple haters! I don't care what you say. I've never gotten an Apple gift that didn't absolutely thrill me to my core. I've got my eyes on that watch, though 👀. At half price for students, gift yourself Apple Music.

8. Flowers

Cliche? Maybe. But, who doesn't love getting flowers? You get a student discount at 1800 Flowers so you might as well take advantage! Or send them to yourself for a job well done. YOU DID IT!

9. New Sneakers

Question. Has New Balance always been this good? We're absolutely obsessed with their 247 line and these breathable sneaks look like they'll complete any of our summer looks / workouts. Can't think of a better gift than something someone would want to wear every day.

10. Baby's First Briefcase

Graduates need jobs. People who have professional jobs carry briefcases. Pick up their first (and what might be their last, because quality) at Cole Haan.

11. A Personalized Notebook

I can't think of a more fitting gift for a graduate than a personalized leather notebook from Moleskine. Not only does everyone need a notebook to take with them on job interviews, but it's such a handy to thing to keep with you at all times. Sketching, jotting down thoughts, to-do lists and phone numbers will live in that notebook, and in a way, so will the person who gifted it to them.

12. Designer Perfume

Graduating college calls for an upgrade in the perfume department. Actually, it calls for an upgrade in all of the other departments but let's start small. We can't get enough of Rag and Bone's perfume collection.

13. New Frames

This might seem like a really personal gift to buy someone, and it is, but you also watched your roommate break their glasses in 12 different places during Senior week, so it's also a very necessary present. We trust GlassesUSA.

14. An Adventure

Use your student discount (while you still have it) to book a hotel room somewhere absolutely fabulous. Book it through Hotels.com.

15. A Brand New Car

Or just a Zip Car student membership. Combined with a copy of Oh The Places You'll Go, this gift is peak "SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY!" Also, if they're moving to a new city, having wheels handy is everything.

16. That Dress

Maybe if you're gifting a guy, it's more like that suit, but this is quite a gift that shows you've been listening. I'm madly in love with all things For Love & Lemons so, hint hint, someone please buy this for me.

17. Something You Already Know They Love

Every professional athlete is already wearing Under Armour, but now graduates are professionals in their own right. Help them dress the part when they're off-duty.

18. Something Special for their New Home

Whether you and your friends are moving back in with Mom and Dad or moving into that tiny Brooklyn apartment, a super thoughtful gift is something for their home they'll use all of the time. The more aspirational the better. We love this tea set from Modcloth because it implies that in the near future, the person I'm gifting this to is going to have a tea party, and that's the best I can hope for a graduate.


"No, I've got too much jewelry already" - No one, ever. Scoop these beauties up at Fredericks of Hollywood.

20. A Classic Hat

We're loving these large brimmed beauties from Princess Polly but this is a gift appropriate for boys and girls of all ages and walks of life. We associate wearing hats with being off-duty and on vacation, so what better way to mark the start of summer?

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