15 apps we love

Apps worth keeping when you're making room for more storage

True life: we are forever deleting apps in favor of more photo and video storage. Besides the usual suspects (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Banking, etc), here are the apps we love so much, we can't imagine life without them.


[Insert shameless plug here]

Seriously though, our app is awesome. Not only can you redeem your student discount in-store at your faves like Bed Bath & Beyond, Express and Frye, but you can surf through all of our awesome sought after brands and specially-made-for-you content with ease. Discover new brands, track your rewards points, and share with your friends! Get the app NOW.

2. Venmo

Pay your friends on the fly using Venmo. Never hold money-related grudges again.

3. Splitwise

This app is genius. If you live with a lot of people and share a lot of expenses, you can line item everything then settle up with Venmo or whatever. It's amazing for group trips or group dinners and it's super personable as well.

4. Linkedin

Start building your professional network now. The older you get, the harder it gets (read: the weirder you seem) to reach out to that smarty pants from your business class that created the "new Facebook".

5. Lyft

Lyft offers 10% off for UNiDAYS students! We don't see Uber doing that...

6. Focus Keeper

Work with time, not against it! It's an intuitive timer app that help your keep your productivity high to avoid burning out.

7. Todoist

Use it with your Echo Dot (tell me you didn't buy one on Prime Day) to create grocery lists and to do lists.

8. SongKick

Lets you know when your favorite bands are playing live near you!

9. The Wallstreet Journal

If you're in the school of business, you're definitely going to be needing a subscription to the Wallstreet Journal. Stay ahead of the competition with the app that's as ambitious as you are.

10. MyFitnessPal

The "freshman 15" are real. Using an app like MyFitnessPal can help you easily track what you're eating and drinking with as much effort as it takes to send that tweet. With tons of fitness ideas, exercises, healthy recipes and a vast database of foods at your fingertips, you can keep your late night pizza intake and Saturday brunch binges in-check while also supporting friends in their healthy-living efforts.

11. Apple Music

If you're not already subscribing to Apple Music for half price with your student discount, what are you doing? Get the app and listen to your favorite music ad free!

12. Mint

You worked all summer waiting tables to try and put some money away for the semester, only to see your money-making efforts squandered away in the first month. Oops! It's time to get serious about how you handle your money. Mint helps you create a budget you can actually stick to by looking at your current spending patterns. Whether you're on a work-study plan or if Mom and Dad are bankrolling you - they'll be pleased to see you're taking your finances seriously.

13. MapMyRun

Track and map every run, upload your workout data where you view your workout data, and comprehensive workout history.

14. Mindbody

This is like OpenTable (bonus #16 but I think we all know about OpenTable!) for fitness, wellness and beauty service in your community and around the world. No more excuses!

15. LevelUp

Grab your lunch faster with LevelUp. Save time and money at thousands of restaurants nationwide.

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