9 chic tech gadgets for back to school

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If art is a reflection of our daily lives, you can officially throw technology into the same hat. There's no doubt that tech is important, but in recent years it's never been quite as stylish as it is at this exact moment.

Are you looking to deck our your dorm or apartment with the latest that technology has to offer, but concerned it'll take away from the aesthetic you spent all summer curating for your space? Look no further. Oh and the best part, as always? You can save big bucks on all of the items below with your student discount.

1. Studio Sync 60-Watt Wireless Bluetooth® Music Shelf (below)

If you're anything like me, you love music but kinda hate the look of your speakers. Time to invest in this music shelf! Find it at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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2. Wooden Multi-Device Charging Dock (above)

I'm literally always searching for my phone charger. I also have too many products to possibly charge all at once at this point. I'm obsessed with this charging dock. It looks gorgeous on my night stand and I never have to worry about my battery being at 3% again. Find it at Urban Outfitters.

3. Prynt Pocket SmartPhone Photo Printer

Until now, taking pictures has always been easy, but printing them has been hard. Not any more! Print pictures on the fly so you can get them into all of those empty frames you love so much Find it at Urban Outfitters.

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4. Wistiki Voilà! Smart Tracker (below)

Also found at Urban Outfitters, never lose your keys again!

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5. Charger on the Go (above)

Why does battery life suck so much? SO you can get one of these cute portable chargers, of course! How about this floral beauty we found at Typo?

6. USB Leather Tassel Keychain + Charging Cord

There's never been a more chic way to transfer information AND charge your phone. Attach this secret beauty to any of your bags and watch them grow up. Grab it at Urban Outfitters

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7. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera Bundle

An image

Scoop up these beautifully colored insta-camera's from Bed Bath & Beyond.

8. Apple Watch Hermès Leather Double

There's no more beautiful way to display your watch. Found at Apple.

9. White Marble Phone Case

An image

We can't get enough marble. What better way to display that than on our BFF, our cell phone. Found at Casetify.

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