Decorate your dorm & we'll tell you what you should major in

Study your style.

Choosing a major field of study is a difficult decision and while we're encouraged to weigh several factors before choosing our focus for four whole years (or more!), maybe it's one of those things, like love, that we let choose us instead. While there are tons of important considerations (cost, future salary expectations, employment rates), we've decided the safest way to pick our major is by decorating our dorm room according to our taste in interior design and letting fate take it from there.

That said, summer is suddenly half over (sob, sob) but we're just getting started when it comes to all things back to school! Whether you're shopping Urban Outfitters, Bed Bath & Beyond, ModCloth or Typo, UNiDAYS is ALL over it with exclusive student discounts. Feel free to shop the selections below and let us know on Twitter what your new and improved major is!

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Disclaimer: This quiz is meant to be fun and silly. That's it! Also, we're aware we weren't able to include every single possible major. Sorry if your actual major didn't make the cut :)