10 ways to make finals suck less

Don't panic

It happens every year and every year we all resort to panicking. If you don't panic then finals can't really take control over your life. Actually, that's a lie but it DID make you feel better... right? If it didn't make you feel better, I at least have a few suggestions to make your life suck a whole lot less during finals season. And if you're already done, congratulations. Enjoy your vacation, if you're not... sit right down and lemme tell you 10 ways to make finals suck less:

1. Make a study plan

This is the easiest thing you can do. Compile your notes and pick what you need to work on most. Do this for each class and you're all set.

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2. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

All nighters, no matter what we tell ourselves, never work. If anything, you're too tired to properly remember anything you think you "studied." Your best bet is to go to bed at a normal hour and do all your studying prior to sleeping.

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3. Don't put off papers to the last minute

If you put your final papers off until the last minute, you'll just end up stressed and without time to study for your other classes. Waking up early the day it's due to finish it doesn't work either.

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4. Treat yourself

This is a stressful time and if you don't stop to treat yourself, you'll burn out. Make sure you don't go overboard and reserve some time for Netflix or whatever method of self care works best for you.

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5. Make plans with friends

Don't let your friends dissuade you from studying. Make concrete plans throughout finals so that you're far less likely to ditch studying to head out with your crew.

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6. Change your scenery

Don't just lock yourself away in your room for the whole week. Take advantage of good weather and study outside. Maybe hit up the library if you need more of a crowd to keep focus. Just constantly switch things up so you don't find yourself "studying" in bed (aka sleeping).

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7. Return your books

Make sure that you've gotten everything you need from the books before you return them. That being said, return them before everyone else lest you want to spend HOURS in line... hours that could be spent studying or spending time with friends.

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8. Stay hydrated

If you go overboard with the caffeine, it could leave you feeling like sh*t and nobody wants to feel bad while taking a 3 hour long exam. Keep a water bottle on you at all times and you'll be able to balance between caffeine and quality H2O.

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9. Make a playlist

Studying (and life in general) is always better when you have a playlist that goes with it. Doesn't matter if you need something to pump you up, get you motivated, or keep you chill.... Apple Music has you covered!

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10. Keep things comfy

It's a known fact that when you keep things comfy, you're a happier person. Why else would people wear sweatpants all the time? If you need a little help on HOW to keep comfy, check out the lazy person's guide.

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