11 finals memes that'll make you say "me"

The semester is almost over, you know what that means? SUMMER VACATION!!! Oh did I forget to mention before break you will face soul-crushing finals that will make you question what you are doing with your life? Just as exciting right? Who doesn’t love all nighters, coffee jitters, and reading until your brain feels like guacamole? I sure as heck love it! Insert sarcasm.

Anyway, while I was procrastinating I decided to write up a post about depicting all the “been there” moments students feel during finals.

1. Always feeling blindsided by finals even though the school posted a schedule months in advance.

2. The last couple weeks of school when your outfits go to 💩.

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3. When you don’t pay attention all semester and then try to cram all the material in 3 days.

4. When you think you studied enough, but then realize you skipped a chapter.

5. When you know there will be a curve, but you the teacher decides what it is after the test.

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6. When you have a few weeks before finals, and you want to study early but…

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7. When you finally finish procrastinating and finally get into super ninja study machine mode.

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8. Don’t push yourself though, too little sleep = a FML moment.

9. Trying to study for your hardest subject.

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10. When your family calls to check in on you.

11. Then there are the good days when you know you killed it! Giving up a life for two weeks was totally worth it, now let’s put some real clothes on and celebrate!

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Alright, that is enough procrastinating for me, back to work.

Good luck guys!

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