Your zodiac sign will tell you what jumpsuit you need

Jump in... one of these jumpsuits. Today on the UNiDAYS app we are giving away two $100 Tilly's gift cards. Just in time for a 4th of July celebration! If you can't choose a jumpsuit, why not pick based on your zodiac sign? It's written in the stars that you should wear these jumpsuits.


It is currently your season so that means you must shine 24/7! You are emotional and sensitive...but like, in a good way. You care deeply about your friends and families, and you're like really awesome. To show your sweet, sensitive, and awesome personality rock this flirty floral romper. It will help you keep that 24/7 glow!

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You're a born leader. You're creative, confident and dramatic, but not to the point of being crazy. Show off your self-confidence with this two-piece. Yes, not technically a jumpsuit, but close enough. Show off your skin and give everyone another reason to stop and stare at you.

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You are detail-oriented, which means you can throw together one hell of an outfit. Virgos can sometimes be misunderstood, so you should help everyone understand that you have a killer sense of fashion by rocking a classic black jumpsuit. Nothing about this outfit will be misunderstood.

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You're a peaceful person who doesn't like to be alone, so a great person to have as a friend. You are in a constant chase for justice and equality. Give your outfit the justice it deserves and embrace your inner peaceful self with this flower print romper. You won't be alone because people will be flocking to you to tell you how gorgeous you look.

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You are a passionate and assertive person. Sometimes you are assertively passionate about things, but that's okay! As a water sign, you live to experience and express emotions. Show your colorful inner emotions with this color printed romper. Now you can express emotions through your clothes too!

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You're a traveler at heart. Your open mind encourages you to wander and discover new things and people. In order to wander, you need something cute and comfy to wear. This printed jumpsuit will leave an impression on all the people you pass in your travels, leaving a memory of that girl with great style.

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You may be serious, but that doesn't mean you can't try something different with your fashion. You have a strong sense of independence so that means that you aren't afraid to try a new fashion trend. Rock a less-fitted open back romper. Your inner independence will have you feeling great, and so will all the compliments you're going to receive.

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You're interesting because you can either be shy and quiet, or you can be energetic and eccentric. Mix them all together and choose a simpler a romper (but one that will still help you catch the eyes of everyone). This halter romper is the perfect piece!

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Pisces are always looking to help others. I'm sure the whole time they've been reading this blog they have been thinking about their other friends by their signs, and not even thinking what their own may say. Although Pisces do love to help others, they also enjoy being alone. Head on out there this weekend in this comfy jumpsuit and take some time for yourself, Pisces, you deserve it.

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Did all you Aries know that you are the first sign of the zodiac? As the first, you are always looking for new beginnings and seeking something energetic. Be first to start a trend, why not! Why not make lots of colors the trend of the summer. This jumpsuit will help you show the start of a trend with plenty of gorgeous summer colors.

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You want to be constantly surrounded by love and beauty, which, like, who doesn't! Rock this red jumpsuit, the color of love. You'll be surrounded by the love everyone will be sending your way for how amazing you look! Also, your killer personality will help lovely and beautiful people flock to you, so just keep being your amazing self!

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You may have two personalities in your one body, but that means there is just more of you to love! You're always ready for fun, so make sure to rock an outfit that keeps you ready to do whatever! Rock your sexy and sweet sides all at once in this polka dot romper!

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Whatever you are wearing this weekend, you're going to look great! Just make sure that you always rock your amazing personality, too.

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