Your end-of-semester survival guide

It's the final(s) countdown

The days are winding down and before you know it, you’ll be packing up and heading home for break. In order to not lose it in your last days on campus, here are some survival tips.

1. Start packing little by little

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack everything, it just increases your stress, plus you'll want to spend your last nights of the semester hanging out with your friends instead of frantically packing. If you need more luggage to keep things organized (or you break your suitcase trying to fit so much into it), get some Genius Pack gear with a discount. An image Img source

2. Make sure to return your books

College books are expensive to begin with, don’t make it more expensive by getting fined for not returning them at the end of the semester. Also, who really needs an intro to psychology textbook after you’ve finished the class (or even during the class tbh....)? Make sure to only return them after you've finished your final for the class, because you never know if you'll need to reference it! An image Img source

3. Take care of yourself

You’re making it through finals week and you're so close to being home! But make sure that you take care of yourself in the meantime. Get enough sleep, eat enough food, drink enough water, and maybe consider picking up some emergen-C. And if you're too lazy (or sick...or tired...or hungover...) to walk to the dining hall, that's when you break out your UNiDAYS discount with Grubhub. An image Img source

4. Partner up

There are a bunch of people who are feeling the same exact way you do; everyone in your class is in the same boat. So help each other out! Studying is always better when you have someone to quiz you and keep you focused. Plus, they'll be able to wake you up when you fall asleep on your laptop keyboard. An image Img source

5. Stay cozy

Now is the time to not worry about fashion, but to focus solely on being comfortable. But, if you can look cute well still rocking a pair of sweats, why not! Take a study break and head to Aerie to get some cute loungewear so you can look like a person while feeling like you're in your PJs. An image Img source

6. Go over your notes carefully

Your notes are what will save you for finals. Make sure to go over them and reorganize if need be. If you want to type them out to make sure that everything is legible, you can use Evernote pro to keep all your notes for class are in one place. Typing them out again will refresh them in your memory, anyway! An image Img source

7. Make sure all your tech works

Now is not the time that you want your computer to crash. You have notes, papers and projects all saved on there. If you worry that there is any type of issue with your computer, make sure to stay on top of it and be prepared to pick up a new accessory the moment the old one starts working weirdly. Check out the Logitech discount that can help you solve the issue of malfunctioning technology (before it becomes a nightmare). An image Img source

No matter what needs to be done, make sure you take care of it so that you can put all your focus where it needs to be: on surviving your finals! Then when they're done, have a nice, well-deserved break.

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