Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

It's time to get your planning heads on, Spring Break will be here before you know it and we've scouted out the top 5 hottest destinations that you need to keep on your radar!

1. Las Vegas

Vegas is a great place to head for Spring Break if you're already on the West Coast and don't fancy travelling too far. Pool parties are starting for the summer and Vegas in undoubtedly one of the best places to party. Of course there's the awesome casinos, shows and other awesome stuff to do. Also, if you're a burger lover, don't forget to head to the Heart Attack Grill for an all out blow-out, you deserve it! ‌

2. Puerto Vallarta

Another awesome resort in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta with it's gorgeous white sand and blue sea alongside local cuisine and tropical backdrops. 12

3. Cancun

Fancy heading over to Mexico? It's a great thing for your cash as the dollar is strong against the peso, the drinking age is also 18 so great if you're still waiting to turn 21 back home. There are tons of all-inclusive resorts and hotels which means you can pay an all out sum and then not worry about paying for stuff the entire trip. 3

4. South Padre Island

Head over to the southern tip of coastal Texas and take in the number 1 Spring Break destination in the US where 50,000 students headed last year in March! Kegs and alcohol are legal on the beach, obviously if you're over 21, so this will save you loads of cash on expensive hotel drinks. Another awesome plus point for SPI is the fact that it's in the US which means that your cell phone, health insurance and cash will all work, you won't be travelling overseas and you won't need your passport. Gorgeous award winning beaches, tropical weather and the chance to surf, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, parasail and MORE. There's so much to do alongside the obvious partying! 45

5. Miami

Spring Break at South Beach, Miami is from 17th - 24th March and is 100% awesome. As well as the partying and the sweet hotels and hostels there's a tonne of shopping to be done if you fancy that. Miami Beach has some amazing restaurants so don't get too crazy that you can't eat your dinner! Don't rent a car, you'll just be struggling to find parking for your whole break and it'll become a real burden. Every where you need to be is within a 5 minute cab ride or a short walk anyway!

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