We've compiled a list of scholarships for amazing ladies like you

Hey ladies!

School is expensive AF. Thankfully, there are tons of foundations, institutions, organizations, and individuals that want to help support you.

People set up all kinds of requirements for scholarships. I mean, there’s a scholarship for creating a prom outfit out of Duct Tape (for real). Almost anything about you (your interests, your major, your minor, your background) could lead to a scholarship, including your gender.

We’ve curated a list of scholarships (and scholarship services) for women. Get that cash!

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Here are some national scholarships for women available right now:

2019 Ford Empowering America Scholarship

$3000 to honor students telling the stories of women empowering others. Aw, love it! Lift each other up!

Society of Women Engineers

This group offers a number of scholarships available to women in engineering, engineering technology, and computer science. Scholarship range from $1,000 to $15,000 in value.

Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award

This is a scholarship fund for women who are the primary earners in their families. Shouldering the burden for your fam? This one if for you. They give $2.1 million in funds each year.

1000 Dreams Scholarship

This scholarship is for any women currently in high school or college and covered expenses outside of tuition. This includes needs such as text books (ugh, why are they so expensive?), exam fees, educational conferences and more.

There are many more regionally based scholarships for women all over the internet. You can find more scholarships specific to your area here.

You need to know about Goingmerry.com

Because literally anyone can give a scholarship (a company, a family, a school, a foundation, your grandma, your dog- jk), the requirements can be incredibly varied and niche. Scholarship for “Mystery-writing phlebotomists in the south-western Adirondacks region” anyone?

Going Merry is a solution to finding the scholarships that you’re eligible for. Once you fill out a profile, their site automatically matches you to all the scholarships you meet requirements for. At the moment, they have a few just for the ladies.

Bonus: they also tell you how much time each scholarship will take to apply for so you can prioritize. Easy! I tried it out and was matched to over $100,000 worth of scholarships, most of which took less than 20 mins to finish. Get in there!

Here are some more scholarships for women on Goingmerry.com:

Courtney C. Gregoire Memorial Fund

$3000 for women who have shown compassion. Your big heart could get you paid.
25 mins to apply

Capek & Crossett Family Scholarship

$1000 for women leaders in pursuit of academic success.
20 mins to apply

VIP Women in Technology Scholarship

$2500 for women pursuing IT. 40 mins to apply

Now get out there and start applying! You've got this!

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