How To Save Money On Textbooks

As if it wasn’t enough that you’re having to pay for college and housing and clothes and nights out, you also have to spend a fortune on college textbooks! Here are our top tips on how to save a few dollars on them.

Borrow From The Library

Libraries are a great way to get all the books you need for free - you’ll just have to be careful with your timekeeping as you won’t want to return books late. Most libraries also lend out magazines and music so it’s good for your free time as well as your studying. Article-size_textbooks_2 Image source

Buy Second Hand

Whatever you’ve just started studying, someone else will have just finished. So seeing as they no longer need their text books, they’ll be willing to sell them to you (or maybe even give them to you) for a lot less than the shops. And there’s plenty of second hand book stores too so hunt around for the best prices! Article-size_textbooks_1 Image source

Share With Friends

If you and your friends need the same text books then there’s no point in all of you buying them; just split the cost and then share them. You could either give them backwards and forwards or you could set up some group study sessions - which is also a great way to make friends! Article-size_textbooks_3 Image source

Buy From Alibris

When you shop at Alibris using your UNiDAYS® discount, you get $5 off when you spend $50! Don’t miss out on this incredible offer, save yourself some money and redeem now! Article-size_textbooks_4

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