Things to do on Valentine's Day when you're single

Happy Singles’ Awareness Da- I MEAN Valentine's Day!

Let's be honest...If you're single, (especially if you're NEWLY single) Valentine's Day can suck. It can suck even more when your friends are all in relationships. But, you can still have fun if you're single! I've been doing it for four years now, and this is how I survive Valentine's Day when I'm not going on any hot dates.

Watch a sappy romance movie or a fun rom com

If you need some ideas of what to watch, we've got you covered.. Grab some wine, chocolate, ice cream, and your softest blanket and SNUGGLE IN.

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Spa night

Why not take the opportunity to treat yourself? You can do a DIY spa to pamper yourself and remind yourself of why you don't NEED anyone special in your life. Pick up some face masks, do your nails, take a bath...just make sure you relax and treat yourself like the queen that you are.

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Is there such thing as a bad time to bake? I don't think so! Valentine's Day is an especially good time to bake because the chocolate doesn't get put on clearance until the next day, and you might want something sweet that night. You can go crazy with fun frosting designs if you want, but baking in general is a fun and creative way to pass the time while your roomies are on dates. Plus, you can take out your anger toward your ex on the dough.

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Valentine's Day falls on a Thirsty Thursday this year, so you should take advantage! Grab some other friends who are spending the night alone and go out on the town. It'll be so much fun to doll yourself up and remind yourself that anyone would be LUCKY to date you. Besides, maybe you'll even meet someone cute!

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Retail therapy

Sorry in advance to your bank account. If you're someone who derives happiness from shopping, and you can afford it, why not spoil yourself a little? Besides, those student discounts aren't gonna use themselves!

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Go home!

If you go to school close enough to your home, why not take a long weekend to relax and go visit the pets? Maybe your parents will have some flowers waiting for you. Valentine's Day can be hard for people sometimes, so if you're one of those people, do what you gotta do!

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Make some art

If you're creative, take advantage of it! Either do some writing, painting, drawing, dancing, singing...whatever your preferred medium is. Make something you'll be proud of, and remember how talented and amazing you are.

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Play around on dating apps

Dating apps can be fun to play around on, especially on a day where everyoneeeee seems to be in a romantic mood. Obviously you don't have to do anything serious, but having a fun little convo with someone cute might make a good story!

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Remember how great you are

...and how lucky you are to be single. Unless someone is dating the person they're going to marry one day, it's highly unlikely that the memories they make this Valentine's Day will be remain their favorite ones. You're a badass who deserves someone who KNOWS you're a badass, and if you don't have that yet this Valentine's Day, then it just means that person doesn't deserve you yet!

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