Single and bored? Here are some ways to stay occupied

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The holiday season is officially upon us, yay! For some of us, we have come to know this time of year as “cuffing season” as well. If you find yourself not making the cut this year, have no fear. Whether you’re freshly out of a dreary relationship or a veteran in the world of singledom, there comes a time where you might find yourself in a rut. Even if you’re a person that’s constantly busy and otherwise flourishing, you can still experience being filled with emptiness.

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Here are three hobbies that can bring you light, enhance your quality of life and in many cases can make you into a refined version of oneself.

1. Meditation

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When I first started to dabble into meditation, I had no idea how much it would impact my being. A whole new world is opened up to you once you realize you can tap into various levels of consciousness. Being single during the holidays can unquestionably bring a feeling of morose and being dejected. If you’re a beginner of meditation, I highly recommend YouTube guided meditation videos to get you started and once you realize your thoughts create your reality, the possibilities are endless. Go and manifest your future boo! Think larger and see how you can turn around your whole world with a single persistent idea.

2. Sightseeing

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There’s a lot of beauty in this world and there’s nothing more therapeutic than gazing upon the magnificence Mother Nature has to offer. Outside of the fact that it’s a great distraction of the monotony of everyday hustle and bustle, it allows you to be reminded of one simple fact: the world is simply too big of a place to wallow in your sorrows. If you’re on a tight budget, a quick walk in the park or a trip to a museum is a great start. Remember, the more places you go, the higher the likelihood that you may even find a new friend or two!

3. Read, read, and read some more

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Every book permits you to escape your reality for a while and takes you on a journey where you have no time but to be solely focused on the plot. There’s plenty of benefits on why any and everyone should read at least 30 minutes a day but in this case, just think of the fact that although you can lose materialistic possessions or your lover, knowledge will stay with you forever.

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Things may seem rough at the moment but there are reasons and seasons for everything! This is a time to regroup and grow. This is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself and to expand your horizons. For the time being, allow yourself to grief but better yet strengthen your relationship with yourself. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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