The podcast all fat girls should be listening to

Calling all fatties!

This is the call of She’s All Fat, a podcast about body positivity, self-love, intersectionality and ~chill vibes only~ (the unofficial slogan of the podcast).

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Hosts Sophie Carter-Kahn and April k. Quioh began this podcast in 2017 because they didn’t feel like there were enough fat spaces where people who have felt like outcasts in society can come together and comfortably discuss their identities and relationships with the world.

Every week we join Sophie and April on their discussions on topics such as fat representation in the media, plus-sized fashion, what it feels like to be the fat friend, and how being fat affects the way you interact with the world. Basically, it’s like if your two cool sisters called you every week to remind you that the world’s not so bad.

What’s the podcast like you ask? Well, every episode is divided up into sections for easy listenin’.

Sophie and April begin the show by talking about highlights from that week, whether it’s a new television show, a product they like, a current event, or addressing fan questions. Next, they move on to “The Meat of It” the portion of the show where they delve into the main topic. Episodes focus on showing everything through the lens of a fat person, they give insight on life experience like what it’s like going to the doctor or dating while fat, and how to navigate those spaces. April and Sophie know that they’re not experts on every topic, they normally speak on their own experiences and what they’ve learned and even open up the floor for fans of the show (all of which are endearingly referred to as “Hannah” for the sake of privacy) to send in their own experiences and advice regarding the topic.

The next segment is called “Ask a Fatty” wherein they take questions from Hannah’s and offer up the best advice they could. Ranging from “what should I do about my fatphobic family?” to “how do I begin the journey to self-love?” April and Sophie try to relate to the situation as best as they can and offer up what they would do, this segment offers up gems every single week.

Finally they conclude the show with a lighthearted segment appropriately named “It’s Ok, You Can Ask” where April and Sophie ask one another questions about their identities as a black woman and a bisexual woman, respectively. This section of the show usually leads to me discovering new knowledge like the answer to “What is square dancing and why do white people do it?” and laughing my head off when Sophie asks things like “What is ‘106&Park’?” The show ends playing out their killer theme song, composed and performed specially for the show by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, which also plays at the top of each episode, perfect for jamming out in your car and getting hype to listen to this podcast!

If you’ve listened to the podcast and just cannot get enough, April and Sophie also have a Patreon, where members can listen to exclusive episodes and chat in a forum. She’s All Fat is the perfect podcast to realize, understand, and value your worth in this world as a fat person, particularly as a fat woman. So get out your paisley mumus, open up your podcast app, listen to She’s All Fat and rejoice! An image gif source

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