3 podcasts you won't want to stop listening to

Podcasts have become such a craze lately and there are valid reasons why! If you find the right ones. They’re easy to listen to, and you can do it anywhere. I like to listen to my podcasts in the car, sometimes while I’m working, and if I’m really hooked I’ll even just sit on my couch and stare into the distance while listening. Here are three podcasts that are really popping right now and that I actively listen to (in no particular order because I can’t choose a favorite).

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Armchair Expert

Honestly, I was really surprised when Dax Shepard came out with a podcast. You probably know him from Zathura, the show Parenthood, and if you want to go way back; Punk’d (and many more). Super cheesy, but I fell in love with him the first time I saw him on Parenthood and I haven’t stopped ever since. Dax doesn’t hold anything back in this average 2 hour podcast and you learn to not only adore him, but respect him in every aspect. He’s not afraid to talk about his past, his struggles with addiction, hardships of his career and his relationships. Now now now, don’t worry; his podcast isn’t all about him. He interviews his famous friends and they get right into the nitty gritty: from their childhood, to how they got to where they’re at, to how their life is right now. Some of the people he interviews are his wife, Kristen Bell, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Scott, Ashton Kutcher, Anna Faris, Lauren Graham and many more. I never knew how interested I am about these people’s lives until I listened to this podcast. Just do yourself a favor and start listening to it you won’t regret it.

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My Favorite Murder

If you haven’t heard about this podcast, then where have you been? Not under a rock, I hope! True Crime is the bees knees right now. From all different shows, to SO many different podcasts. I have listened to a lot of them but this is the only one that I have religiously kept up with. Murder is such a sensitive subject, and as interesting serial killers are, it can get super depressing and intense. Georgia and Karen do an amazing job lightening it up a bit, so that it’s not so heavy. Some of the stories you’ll hear will have you listening so close that you wish your phone was literally inside your ear and most of them will have you not wanting to leave your house ever again. These girls have become such a craze that they even do live shows where they go to different states and tell hometown stories; super cool.

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First 51 Dates

As someone who uses different dating apps and hasn’t had any real success, this podcast gave me a little bit more hope about dating and made me feel less bad about not having as much success as I would like. These girls live in New York and since one of them is in a serious relationship, the other ones has decided to go on 51 dates and only get these dates through dating apps like tinder and bumble. After, they sit down and talk about the date. They also give advice, and have guests that give you some dating and relationship tips. Super easy to listen to, nothing too intense that you have to sit there and really listen to but fun enough where you’ll find yourself laughing out loud.

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