The art of single-tasking

All our lives, we are taught that being a good multitasker is THE skill to have to be successful. We mention it at job interviews and to our tutors, even our mom wants us to empty the dishwasher and teach her how to use the iPad at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, being able to juggle and prioritize tasks is SO useful in a lot of situations, but this pressure to handle multiple things, all at once, all the time has begun to affect our wellness and mindfulness. You may not even realize you’re doing it; how many times do you have to restart an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race because you were too busy scrolling Insta to pay attention? Exactly! Introducing: single-tasking.

These are some easy techniques you can do to give your mind a single focus for a while, they’re designed to help you feel more in control, more in the moment and hopefully more relaxed. No need to do every single one, just pick a couple a day and let serenity wash over you!

Eat breakfast without checking your phone

Don’t let the inbox or texts stress you out immediately, enjoying your morning will set you up to take control of the day ahead.

Read a book

That’s it. No music, no TV, just a comfy spot and a great story. And maybe a very large hot chocolate.

Listen to an album all the way through

Whacking on some Post Malone tunes is often something we’ll do as a soundtrack to another activity. When was the last time you sprawled out on your bed with your headphones on and just listened to the words with your eyes closed?

Have a tech detox

Ok, I know you’re not going to quit Instagram completely, but just putting your phone away from 8pm until bedtime can help your brain unwind and sleep better. Another trick is to check your phone only at certain times of day - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The rest of the day is purely analog.

Chunk your to-do list into 20 minute intervals

Does the thought of a to-do list as long as a 9am lecture leave you shook? Break it up into smaller tasks and do one 20 minute job at a time. You’ll end getting through everything quicker and feeling happier. Bangin’.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

Look around on a bus/train and you'll notice that 95% of people are reading something with headphones in. Look out the window and find five things you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. Even if you don't see anything exciting, you’ll still feel relaxed from being in the moment.

So, do your poor, little, overworked brain a favor and use these minimalism techniques to take control of your hectic student life. Aaaaand focus.

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