3 fun organization hacks for messy people

Beginnings are always messy

I’ll be honest with you guys... I am messy and a bit disorganized. Well, I was (might be too soon to tell)? But you know what? With a little bit of effort (OK it was a lot of effort at first) and the right tools, I’m finding this whole “Look at me, I’m so organized” thing to be easier than I could have ever imagined. The secret, for me, is to make it FUN. Which is kind of my secret to everything in life… but more on that later (as in, keep coming back and reading my stuff!).

Let’s talk ORGANIZATION hacks, shall we?

1. Organize your LIFE

I struggle with follow through (I think because I’m an Aries maybe?). This makes planners, calendars and journals difficult for me to stick to, at least past the first page or two. I’m always super hopeful, but it just doesn’t pan out… leading to chaos as I try and maintain my social calendar, work schedule, class assignments and personal life.

There’s hope though, you guys! I started bullet journaling, and I can’t WAIT to organize my thoughts onto the lovely pages of my Moleskin notebook each night. It’s a great way to channel my artistic side and has accomplished just what I had hoped it would: making organization fun. No more missed assignments or getting stuck working the night of a sick party just because I never wrote it down. It’s committed to memory, it looks beautiful, and it’s strangely calming!

Give it a shot! You’re going to L.O.V.E. it. Here’s a handy little video that got us started:

2. Organize your desk

You know what they say, a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. Make a conscious effort to put everything back in its rightful place at the end of every day. I know we end up spending a lot more time at our desks than we realize whether we're writing papers, plucking our eyebrows or pre-gaming, it's easy to leave all sorts of papers and makeup lying about. File paperwork into folders (bonus points if they say something hilarious) and try to avoid any sort of unnecessary clutter. Find cute folders and desk supplies like these ones we found at Typo and you'll have so much fun you'll forget you are just trying to be organized.

3. Organize your trip

I’m an idiot when it comes to packing because I have a habit of WAY over-doing it. I end up wearing the same thing everyday anyway! I love STUFF-- anyone else feel me? Well, I’m kind of obsessed with the suitcase brand Genius Pack at the moment, as they kind of changed the way I pack because their suitcases are the best at compartmentalizing. Once you have yourself a great suitcase, you can do anything. Forgive me as I know that the tips below probably equal more than the 3 I promised you, but you can't be mad for some bonus tips! The showercap idea is actually brilliant.

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