The Abbi Abrams guide to Bed Bath & Beyond®


Nobody loves Bed Bath & Beyond® more than Abbi from Broad City. Alright, maybe that's not a completely true fact. I know that my mom LOVES Bed Bath & Beyond®, especially around back to school time as (in her words) "it's the easiest place to get everything you could ever need." And she's not wrong, neither is Abbi in her love for good ol' BBB. You really CAN get everything you need and in order to guide you back to school as smoothly as possible, here's a little guide we put together so that you can "Yas Queen!" your way to the bank with 15% off your entire in-store purchase from Bed Bath & Beyond®:

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1. Proper air flow

Depending upon where your school is located... you might not have air conditioning in your dorm or apartment. I'm telling you now, quality air flow should be a priority. I mean even Ilana was on the lookout for something that cools at BBB. If your new room DOES have air conditioning but your roommate refuses to let the thermostat go below 75 degrees, then you my friend are in dire need of a fan. GUESS WHAT?! Bed Bath & Beyond® has some of the best (they even moved them without Abbi having to step on anyone's toes).

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2. An ottoman

Unlike Abbi, you don't have to worry about Bevers throwing away your chances at getting an ottoman. In fact, you literally CAN'T throw away the 15% off as it is available through your phone. That being said, I do suggest getting one of their ottomans that also has storage so that your room can look cute AF and have storage to spare.

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3. A SodaStream

When you look at the math, the bottles of soda you like to grab before class EVERY DAY can really add up. Enter the SodaStream. Yes it may seem like a frivolous purchase BUT if you're like Abbi and "will not pay full price for a SodaStream" then you're in luck with 15% off.

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4. A giant three wick candle

So most dorms have an issue with open flames but that doesn't have to stop you from purchasing one of these bad boys and toting them round campus like you're Ilana in the East Village. That being said, maybe go for a flameless version if you're still in need of the ~ambience~ candles give off.

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5. A Turbie Twist

If you're not like Lincoln and have been blessed with a full head of hair, you might be in the market for a Turbie Twist. It'll keep your hair in place as you head to and from the bathroom (which can be a godsend if you're having to face communal bathrooms for the first time). They also make it far easier to treat yourself to a face mask in case you need some R&R after class.

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6. A ravioli attachment for your pasta maker

A pasta maker attachment may be a little bougie but like I said, Bed Bath & Beyond® has EVERYTHING. If you're headed to apartment life (or live at home and are tired of box pasta) then a ravioli attachment can help you fully embody the "Al Dente Dentist" kind of lifestyle you've been looking for.

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7. A cutting board

Something you've probably never thought about when going back to school is the cutting board. In my experience, I can count at least 10 times I wish I'd had one while at school (hello night cheese). You never know, they might even have one at Bed Bath & Beyond® with your name on it... or not. We can't ALL love the store as much as one Abbi Abrams.

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7. Coupons on coupons on coupons

You could worry about your roommate throwing your envelope full of Bed Bath & Beyond® coupons OR you could join UNiDAYS and automatically get 15% off on your ENTIRE purchase. You only get it once a month so better stock up on some sweet, sweet BBB picks.

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