Summer internship looks for every industry

Intern & Face the Strange

So, you perfected your resume, slayed your interview, and landed the job of your dreams-- we knew you could do it! After you've figured out your living situation and arranged the whole "credit" thing for school, you are good to go. Well, almost. There's still the time-old question of WHAT THE HELL TO WEAR. The rules for dressing at the office are shifting, making it increasingly difficult to pick out that winning outfit. You want to be taken seriously enough that you strive to be professional and put-together, but you're on a college student budget, and it's summer! You're used to wearing shorts, hats, t-shirts and bathing suits. Your internship look, however, is going to carry you from meetings, to coffee runs, to after-dinner drinks instead of from the beach to the pool.

It sounds tricky, but don't you fret! We've got (almost) every situation and internship possible on lock down below:


While a lot of businesses are shifting into more casual attire for their 9-5 looks, you'll still find corporate situations tend to be pretty stuffily dressed. I don't think you necessarily need to come into work every day in a three piece suit but it's important to "blend". Our best advice is to mix and match polished separates and keep your accessories simple and professional.


A turtleneck in summer might seem a little aggressive, but have you ever spent an entire day in an office? It's freezing, you guys. Show a bit of personality when you opt for a color outside of blue/black, but keep it simple in monochrome to prove you like to get down to business. The shoes add a classic, feminine touch.

There's something about suspenders that just screams FINANCE. We're loving this look made entirely out of power colors. Strong blues and reds will captivate the conference room. I didn't even notice his tattoos at first glance. That is some powerful clothing.


I think the key to a really great HR internship look is to keep it simple. You'll likely wear a suit to your interview, but as far as the job goes you'll probably want to stick with a few basics you can swap in and out and jazz up if you're headed out after work.

The same rule applies for men. We like this unexpected faux suit because it is at once simple and interesting. The bomber gives the whole look a more relaxed fit, but matching separate keep it totally profesh.


We're loving this navy look and think it's something Elle Woods would have been proud to rock. If you're opting for a skirt and you're anywhere near the law, just make sure it's a good length. You've got the unfortunate task of communicating that you are strong, smart, and reliable through more than just your award winning resume. Your clothing can communicate that for you if you do it well.

When you're interviewing, they'll tell you to dress in solid colors because it indicates your "solid" character. Law is black and white, so I thought it would be fun to split the difference and go monochromatic gray.


Leslie Knope would look fantastic in this and therefore, you will, too.

Professional but approachable is the secret here.


You don't need to dress like Hillary every day just to prove that you're a nasty woman! This shifty tunic's feminine ruffles don't compromise your capabilities in the office. The high and tight hair will tell everyone you're a force to be reckoned with.

This suit says "I'm trust worthy" and that is basically all people are looking for out of their politicians. Oh who am I kidding? I have no idea what people are looking for in their politicians. But this IS a nice suit.

Business Casual

Business casual means many things to many people. When you're straying from corporate life, you can afford to live on the edge, sartorially speaking. This isn't your parent's "business casual".


Marketing is all about big ideas! We love this cool-casual outfit. Jeans and a t-shirt are the American uniform, but this funky blazer elevates your look to office-ready. It's internship perfection.

You definitely don't need to feel the pressure to wear a suit to your marketing internship. Sometimes dressing for the job you want will get you pretty far, though. Go shirt/tie if you feel like it'll make a difference, but you can probably lose the tie.


Trend on trend on trend is working for me here, though that's not always the case. The shoes are a classic shape but wild color. The pants are a classic color but wild shape. The bag and the shirt, both and same. You'll slay if you walk in wearing this.

Athleisure at the office? Heck. Yes. We're loving this black, white and blush combo. Sneakers help you get from meeting to meeting while that blush colored blazer captures the top trend of the season. This look will have you wondering "who is going to represent ME?"


Some people might take this role incredibly seriously. We love to add a bit of trend in there. Ripped jeans might be a no-no of years passed, but with a neat white shirt and classic jacket-- this is undoubtedly a power look.

We don't hate a t-shirt/blazer combo. We actually rather like it. With those slip on shoes and some ankle-baring well-tailored pants, you'll look like a million bucks.


Business casual really gives us the chance to showcase our personal style, but just keep in mind that a non-profit atmosphere doesn't mean you can dress like a schlub!

Apparently when I think "non-profit" I think vertical stripes. Short sleeved button-ups are perfect for the summer, so stock up, boys!


We love a bit of quirk in our future teachers! Don't be afraid to mix your patterns you guys. Power clashing is REAL (hater's gonna hate! you know who you are!), and we're loving the bold choices here. The separate pieces are actually quite mature looking but the fun patterns keep it youthful. It'll be the best way to not get confused with one of your students.

You can afford to be a bit casual in an education setting, but the right accessories (ie those gorgeous shoes and belt) elevate this look beyond "substitute teacher".



I'll just preface this by saying that there are LOTS of different kinds of sales you can be in. Some might warrant a suit. Some just require looking fierce. We are obsessed with these wide legged bell bottoms. Tuck in that shirt, strap on a pair of heels and you'll be ready to sell ice to an Eskimo.

As we mentioned before, there are tons of different ways to dress for sales. This look is all about summer vibes! You'll maintain your professionalism, but one more button undone and you're ready for a beach party. We love it.


In some hospitality realms, you might have a uniform. In others, you get to dress yourself! We love this look because individually, these pieces are all really classic and feminine and beautiful. Together, they are still all of those things, but they're also fun. Comfortable shoes are going to be important here, for sure!

A suit might be a little bit too much, but you won't really know until you get there and see what everyone else is wearing. If you're shadowing at a high end hotel, it might be different than if you're perhaps shadowing at a restaurant or something of that nature. Feel it out but always have one of these bad boys in your back pocket.


An internship in TV, news, magazines, web, design, or fashion calls for a creative dress code! This isn't the place to flaunt shapeless jackets and boring anything else you can think of. The point is to look like you've got the confidence to do any task before you, but to look cool while you're doing it. Our biggest piece of advice? wedges. You're going to be on your feet a lot more than you imagine you will be.


We're living for these deconstructed Oxford shirts at the moment. You might want to consider how much leg you're showing though, so would recommend pairing it with a longer skirt or pants if you don't want to be the talk of the office (not in the good way). There's a lot of pressure when you're working in fashion to always wear labels and to be outrageous. The best advice I can give it to remain true to your style, to invest in classic pieces, and be smart about which trendy pieces you buy. Is it worth it? Let me work it.

This. is. fashion.

Media / TV

There's a good chance you're going to be running around like a chicken with your head cut off for the larger part of this internship. There are also a hundred different jobs associated with media and tv production. We're into this street-style look and are personally thrilled that sweatshirts are "in" and acceptable to wear to work. It gets awfully cold in those studios!

A good military jacket with tons of pockets will likely come in handy if you're in production. Like we said, it gets cold in there! Casual, cool and muted colors are probably your best bet here.

Editorial / Magazine

Show a little flair! We love this t-shirt and pants combo. These are the shoes of the season and instantly elevate any look.

You're writing so you probably won't be facing too many clients on a day-to-day basis. That's pretty exciting. Canadian tuxedos aren't going anywhere this season, so go HAM.


If you're into design, you definitely have a point of view. Share your gift with the world!

Layering up at the office is always a good idea. It might not be cool enough that you'll need a beanie, but it's important to be able to add and strip layers as necessary.


Casual Friday

This is where you can really show off your personality! Go wild (but not messy and not inappropriate). This look might distract from our brilliant ideas in meetings if we were to go for it every day, but it sure is fun.

Shorts in the work place are debatable, but I think they're perfect for casual Friday. Go for it, guys. It's summer!

Working w/ Kids

Super important when you're doing anything with children that you're ready to chase after children.

Honestly, this look might be a little warm for those hot summer days, but the point here is-- be comfortable.


Maybe you're helping out a professor for the summer or working in a lab. We can't get enough of a jumpsuit that makes it really easy to get ready in the morning.

Keep it comfy and casual and when in doubt, throw on a jean jacket.

Web Startup

If you've ever set foot in a place like WeWork (shared office space), you'll have seen the true inner workings of #startuplife. Some people there are dressed to the nines, some people are dressed in their pajamas, and some people find a happy medium. Feel out the vibes of your office but always keep in mind that how you dress can be a reflection of the company and you'll want the first time people hear about it to leave a favorable impression.

Same for the guys, of course. Find a happy medium that doesn't look like you pulled it off of your bedroom floor. A nice button up shirt always gets the job done. A jacket will always be worth it once you've truly felt the chill of the A.C. and a can-do attitude is what'll get you noticed at a start up.