8 killer internship essentials

Internships are an awesome thing to do for your CV and your job opportunities - we're definitely going to be talking about these more in the coming months If you guys have any internship tips, let us know in the comments. We've compiled a killer list of essentials that will take you from closet to commute a whole lot easier! blog_size_BTSUS_InternshipEssentials

The commute

If there's one thing that is worth their weight in gold, it's these Reef Stargazer flip-flops. Sure, this is only for the girls but you won't last a day in those heels if you're in them from 7am until 7pm. Grab your favorite flats for the subway ride to and from your internship - trust me, your feet will thank you. For organization, the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet will definitely replace your laptop - who wants to be carrying a heavy laptop on the subway anyway? You can plan your day, read documents or even catch up on your favorite podcast as a way to chill out before your busy day. If you're an old-school organizer, this Moleskine planner is perfect for jotting down where you need to be on a day to day basis. Plus, it'll help you remember your best friends' birthdays and your parents' anniversary at the same time! Don't forget to pick up a Moleskine Notebook with the awesome 15% discount - you can never take too many notes on an internship.

The closet

Depending on the area that you're working in, there may be a dress code and certain rules about what to wear, especially if you're interning in a super-corporate sector. On your first day, play it safe and go for some pumps like these two-part detail ones from French Connection paired with a pencil dress or a blouse and skirt combination. Guys, keep it smart with a suit or blazer, we like this Ben Sherman one paired with a smart shirt, this would look great with jeans, khakis or smarter trousers - it's an all round winner for your closet.

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