Still watching? Gift guide for the binge-watcher

What do you get for the one that has everything? Wait, did I say for the one who has everything? I meant, what do you get for the one that has every STREAMING service? You know, the friend that keeps you up to date on what's going on in the world of TV. Well look no further! This list shall be your very own "TV Guide" of sorts to navigate just what to get your pop-culture fiend of a friend, co-worker, or loved one.

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For the Stranger Things fan:

There’s nothing more iconic than the style of the 1980s. Take a page from the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana and give the gift of fashion. American Apparel is your one stop shop for the fashion basics needed to look like an extra in the Stranger Things universe. Embody the cool kid vibes of Steve Harrington (or Billy Hargrove) with the denim trucker jacket. Make like the Hawkins AV Club with a nylon school bag. If the bag alone is too simple, include some cool Stranger Things swag like iron-on patches or enamel pins. For the Nancy (or Barb) in your life, you can’t go wrong with a pair of light wash high-waist jeans. An image

For the Gossip Girl fan:

Looking to get a gift for your favorite Upper East Sider (or your favorite person in general)? No need to send out a blast in search of the perfect item, Express has got it all. Keep your Blair Waldorf warm with a gray faux fur snood. Try the oval stone tassel earrings for the Serena van der Woodsen with a boho side. A fringe-trim large plaid scarf is the perfect last minute addition for the person whose style icon is Chuck Bass. An image

For the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fan:

Hurry and get a gift for your Titus before they Lemonade you (or at least before they take a bat to the nearest fire hydrant). While most of Titus’s looks are rather outlandish, an easy go-to gift would be sunglasses from EyeBuyDirect. For even the most extra, the Sunshine is a much better option than a peacock on a leash. The Angie works for a casual stroll in the least casual of outfits or to show one of the many ways they’re stronger than Beyoncé. The Brighton is a great way to chill in the sun after an easy listening session of ‘Boobs in California’. And if all else fails, you can also gift them a gift card so that they can easily have a pizza party for one. An image

For the Sense8 fan:

While you can’t give the gift of reviving the show, you CAN give the gift of learning. I know, I know… learning doesn’t sound like the greatest of gifts but as a fan of Sense8 it will be appreciated. With Rosetta Stone, you can learn up to 30 different languages. Feel connected to the ones you love most as you all gather round to show off what you’ve learned. It’s the thought that counts because after all “Love like art, must always be free.” An image Gif Source

For The Office fan:

Make Dwight K. Schrute proud with your gift choices this year. Moleskine has you covered with their high quality offerings (surpassing even Dunder Mifflin). Personalize a classic notebook (get it in yellow for an everyday Dwight vibe) to show your Monkey you care. If Jim’s thoughtfulness is a bit much for you, dazzle your Pam with a set of 12 watercolor pencils. An 18-month weekly Star Wars logo planner may seem like a stretch but the most die-hard of fans will love the subtle nod to a series frequently referenced in the show. An image

For the Riverdale fan:

It’s easy to feel a part of the sad breakfast club when you shop at Boohoo and BoohooMAN. For the one that does everything for everyone and strives to be perfect, the Jessica Rib Knit Jumper will have them feeling like a regular Betty Cooper. Although not exactly the same kind as Riverdale’s favorite self-identified loner, a grey micro beanie is the perfect addition to anyone’s winter wardrobe. The Navy Wool Look Varsity Bomber Jacket will have anyone feeling as if they’ve just made varsity (although hopefully not due to a murder that grips the town in suspense). An image

For the Game of Thrones fan:

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Gift giving is not a life or death event but it may feel like it when it comes to the Game of Thrones fan. ASOS makes it easy to get the gifts every GOT fan will love. The north remembers and so will the recipient when you show up with the Game of Thrones House of Stark Direwolf Mask and Wall Mount. Make anyone feel like the mother of dragons with Loungeable Metallic Dino Dragon Slippers. Although the Baratheons don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to things, no one can fault them for their style. The ASOS Cufflinks In Burnished Gold With Stag Design will add elegance to any outfit and will be greatly appreciated (even if the iron throne is then very much out of reach). An image

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