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Heading back to school whether you're a freshman or upperclassman can be stressful. Especially if you're switching from your childhood bedroom to a dorm or an apartment. I'm going to be real with you, it's probably time to ditch the sheets with your favorite cartoon on them. You may say you like them ironically, but we all know you're lying. That's where Bed Bath & Beyond comes in. With 15% off your entire purchase, you really don't have any excuse NOT to use them. There's a reason they're called Bed Bath & Beyond, they have everything. Don't believe me? Just check out 9 of our favorite BBB picks for back to school.

1. Bedding

This is probably THE most important item you get for you new ~college life~. Why? Your room is pretty much going to be your base of operations (and depending upon the kind of person you are... you may spend a LOT of time there). For me, my room ended up being the "hangout spot" since it was between all my other friends' dorms. With Bed Bath & Beyond, they already have a few themes if you don't want to pick out separate pieces yourself and want a complete room. These themes include Glam, Cozy Nomad, Relaxed Living, and Americana. My personal favorite is the Cozy Nomad vibe because who DOESN'T want to be cozy all semester long. Within each theme you have a bunch of different choices for the style of bedding you want, like this Jersey Neon Speckled Comforter Set.

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2. Bath

Remember when I said bedding was probably THE most important thing you could get for your new ~college life~... I may have spoken too soon. What it really boils down to is you bathroom situation. Are you sharing with 1 other person? 3 other people? 20?! If you've got a suite-style bathroom, then you need something to organize all your stuff so it's easy to get to. This could be a rolling drawer or a mesh tote. Remember to get towels as they WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. If you have a communal restroom... well, buckle up. You're going to need a mesh tote, shower shoes, AND probably a pretty good robe. Nothing is worse than potentially getting locked out in just a towel. If you have your robe and mesh shower tote... you should be good (and Bed Bath & Beyond has you covered with both).

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3. Decor

You COULD just throw up a couple of posters you bought online or you could really step up your decor game. Going to college is as stepping stone to becoming a full blown adult who has art on their walls. And I'm talking about REAL art, not a poster of Harry Styles. With Bed Bath & Beyond, you could put together a full on installation with lights, frames, and accent pieces.

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4. Storage & Organization

Dorms (and apartments) are very tiny living spaces. You only have so much room which makes college the PERFECT time to put any hoarding tendencies to rest and become a master organizer. Most people got to Bed Bath & Beyond for the storage, they're the best in the business. An Over-the-Door Hook Rack is a godsend in cramped quarters. Another thing that could help, depending on your bed situation, are lifts with usb ports in them. You can raise your bed to put storage underneath AND charge your phone. Best of both worlds really.

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5. Laundry & Cleaning

Unfortunately, heading back to school means heading back to being in charge of your own laundry and cleaning. While I have heard whispers of colleges that offer cleaning services for dorms... you're probably on your own with that one. Don't be like me and SEPARATE your whites and colors. I've made too many mistakes but am set in my ways so not even a Dazz Divided Pop Up Hamper could save me, but it might save you. Other lifesavers include a drying rack, mini vacuum, and a tide to go pen (all of which you can, as you've guessed it, find at Bed Bath & Beyond).

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6. Kitchen & Dining

If you're moving into a dorm, you don't need to worry about missing mom's cooking. They should have everything you could ever want. However, if the rumors are true and the cafeteria food sucks OR you're moving into an apartment and cooking for yourself for the first time... Bed Bath & Beyond has got you. I highly recommend a Oster® MyBlend Blender for easy on-the-go breakfast as the blender is ALSO a sport bottle. Other things you should PROBABLY get include microwaveable bowls and plates, utensils, and a Brita® 10-Cup Stream Pitcher.

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7. Tech

A wise person once told me to tech myself before I wrecked myself. They were right. Relying on library printers can get you into trouble... especially if you waited until the last minute to write your paper. Get yourself an all-in-one printer so that you can scan AND print (something that could LITERALLY save your grade). With more tech comes the whole "outlet issue" or rather the lack of outlets issue. If you're in a dorm and have a roommate then an all out war could happen between you two over who gets to charge what where. With the Westinghouse Electrical Value Pack from Bed Bath & Beyond that can be the last thing you worry about. Make sure to look into fire safety codes at your school to make sure the power cord complies.

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8. Furniture

This is more for those moving into an apartment as most dorms already come furnished. Make your room look SUPER expensive on a budget by using Bed Bath & Beyond as a good alternative between really cheap furniture that won't last a semester and furniture you'll have forever. For those in a dorm, I highly recommend getting a few chairs and maybe even a bean bag if you expect people will be over a lot. Sitting on a bed is cool but a futon or bean bag is better (and comfier too plus you don't have to make them every day).

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9. College Gear

The thing EVERYONE has been waiting for. While your school bookstore is cool and all, can you get a discount off of the stuff? NO! AND it's probably way more expensive than it needs to be. Bed Bath & Beyond has everything from body pillows to bedding to Tervis Tumblers. You can go all out or you can just add subtle hints. No matter what you decide, it doesn't hurt to check it out right?

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And if our picks aren't your thing check out the Bed Bath & Beyond Expert Picks! Their pros picked out the best products for college based on innovation, functionality and value. All you have to do is look for the thumbs up. You can’t go wrong when you shop these items.

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