Mixing It Up For Thanksgiving

How excited are you to get the biggest food baby of your life this Thanksgiving? (10 days away and counting). But what about if that food baby wasn't because of traditional turkey-and-all-the-trimmings but because of something totally different and exciting? If you can't make it home for Thanksgiving and are therefore attempting to cook dinner with your fellow students who got left behind, then you might want to try out some new recipes rather than be disappointed by your attempt at Thanksgiving dinner doesn't taste like your mom makes it. Or maybe you are going home but you just fancy something different! Whatever the reason, these recipes are a must try! And if you are having a classic dinner then you could always have a go at these recipes using the leftovers! alternative-thanksgiving-6   The most cliched student food and the holy grail of easy cooking - ramen! Super quick and easy with a thanksgiving twist - yum. alternative-thanksgiving-4 Just when you thought pizza couldn't get any better, you mix it together with Thanksgiving dinner and you actually manage to improve it. Another way to improve any given food is to wrap it in pastry like with this turkey wellington! alternative-thanksgiving-1 Thanksgiving with a Mexican twist - this turkey burrito will add a little spice to your Thanksgiving dinner. alternative-thanksgiving-3 One of the most under-rated foods in my opinion is the humble sandwich. Whether you're having it as a grilled cheese or just piled high with fillings, you can't get much better. And the best kind of sandwich is a leftover sandwich! You can even make it veggie friendly with this amazing sweet potato sandwich recipe. alternative-thanksgiving-2 Like a sandwich on steroids, sliders and burgers are even more jam-packed with goodness. How amazing does this Thanksgiving leftovers slider look? (heart-eye-emoji times a million) alternative-thanksgiving-5 If you want to really mix it up this year, then you could give these recipes a try! Turkey tacos or thanksgiving egg rolls anyone?    

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